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Famous people from Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland including Maisie Williams, Banksy, Russell Howard, Stephen Merchant, Amy Willerton, Amy Willerton and many more.

Maisie Williams, 24 British actor
Banksy, 51 English graffiti artist political activist and painter whose identity is unconfirmed
Russell Howard, 41 British comedian and presenter
Stephen Merchant, 46 British writer director and comic actor
Amy Willerton, 29 Miss Universe contestant
Alex Lee, 51 Musician
David Prowse, 85 British bodybuilder and actor
Evan Parker, 77 British musician
Sophie Anderton, 44 English model and reality television personality
Tuppence Middleton, 34 British actor
John Challis, 79 English actor
Mitch Hewer, 32 Actor
Andy Puddicombe, 49 British writer
Damien Hirst, 56 British artist
April Pearson, 32 British actor
Chris Roper, 30 English cricketer
Florrie, 32 English singer-songwriter
Robin Cousins, 64 British figure skater
Forbes March, 48 Canadian actor
Dino Zamparelli, 28 British racing driver
Jon French, 45 English footballer
Louis Carey, 44 Footballer
Jason Crump, 46 Australian speedway rider
John Robins (comedian), 39 English comedian
Jamie King, 49 Director choreographer writer
Alex Beresford, 40 English Television Presenter
Polly Parsons, 37 TV presenter
Scott Golbourne, 33 English footballer
James May, 58 Television presenter journalist
Paul Hutchins, 73 British tennis player
Mark Dudbridge, 48 British darts player
Ben Morgan, 32 Rugby player
Gary Frank, 52 British comic book artist
James Duddridge, 50 British Conservative politician
Sara Dallin, 59 Singer and songwriter
Hannah Murray, 32 British actress
Jamie N Commons, 32 Blues Singer
Kevin McNally, 65 British actor
Naomi Wilkinson, 47 English television presenter
John Spiers, 46 Musician
Steve Box, 54 He has a wife (Zennor) and two children (Stan and Ted)
Dan Tuohy, 36 Irish rugby union player
Nicholas Cooper, 67 Cricketer
Tom Lucy, 33 Rower
Lolene, 36 British musician
Steve Lazarides, 52 Art dealer
Sally Conway, 34 English judoka
Johnny Ball, 83 English entertainer