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Famous people from Baton Rouge, United States of America including Odell Beckham, Jr., Reese Witherspoon, Chris Broussard, Stormy Daniels, Bobby Jindal, Bobby Jindal and many more.

Odell Beckham, Jr., 28 American football player
Reese Witherspoon, 45 film actress
Chris Broussard, 52 American basketball player
Stormy Daniels, 42 American pornographic actress screenwriter and director
Bobby Jindal, 50 Governor of Louisiana
Devin DeVasquez, 58 American actor and model
Kaylee Hartung, 35 Journalist
Stephen Starring, 60 American football player
Warrick Dunn, 46 Player of American football
Brandon Bolden, 31 Player of American football
Ronald Leary, 32 American football player
Seimone Augustus, 37 Basketball player
Glenn Dorsey, 36 All-American college football player professional football player defensive lineman
Helen Prejean, 82 advocate for the abolition of the death penalty
Lil Boosie, 38 American rapper
Robert Sacre, 32 Canadian/American basketball player
Keith Smart, 57 American basketball player and coach
Kelly Cherry, 80 American writer
Garrett Temple, 35 American basketball player
Jeff Fortenberry, 60 American politician
Glenn McCuen, 30 American actor and gymnast
Heath Slocum, 47 Professional golfer
Isiah Carey, 50
Gerald Alexander, 53 American football safety
Bobbie Brown, 51 Actress model beauty pageant contestant
Casey Kelly, 31 American baseball player
Zack Kopplin, 28 American science advocate
Chenese Lewis, 41 American actor and model
Webbie, 36 American rapper
Danielle Johnson, 33 American soccer player
Hall Davis, 34 Player of American football
Michael R. Douglas, 59 American theoretical physicist
Jay Dardenne, 67 Louisiana politician
Andrew Loupe, 32 Professional golfer
Bob Pettit, 88 American basketball player and coach
Stephen Gostkowski, 37 Player of American football
Brandon Hamilton, 49 Player of American and Canadian football
Kevin Windham, 43 Professional motocross racer
Jessica Heap, 38 American actress
Clint Conque, 60 American football player and coach
Louis Herthum, 65 American actor
Danielle Scott-Arruda, 48 Volleyball player
Rheagan Courville, 28 American artistic gymnast
Reiley McClendon, 31 American actor
Cary Koch, 35 Player of American and Canadian football
Ti-Grace Atkinson, 82 American feminist author
John Ricard, 81 Catholic bishop
Brandon Bass, 36 American basketball player