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Famous people from Anchorage, United States of America including Mario Chalmers, Mark Schlereth, Khleo, Brandon Dubinsky, Matt Carle, Matt Carle and many more.

Mario Chalmers, 35 American basketball player
Mark Schlereth, 55 Player of American football
Khleo, 32 American actor and musician
Brandon Dubinsky, 35 American ice hockey player
Matt Carle, 37 American ice hockey player
Rachel Uchitel, 46 Nightclub manager hostess media personality
Valerie Plame, 58 Memoirist
Lindsey Holmes, 48 American politician
Kira Buckland, 34 American actor
Traci Dinwiddie, 47 American actor
Mark Begich, 59 United States Senator from Alaska formerly Mayor of Anchorage Alaska
Sean Rash, 39 American ten-pin bowler
Kelsey Campbell, 36 Olympic wrestler
Nathan West, 43 American actor
Moises Gutierrez, 35 American ice hockey player
Jessica Jaymes, 40 American pornographic actress
Scott Gomez, 41 American ice hockey player
Jeff Pain, 50 Skeleton racer
Nate Thompson, 37 American ice hockey player
Lauren Murphy, 38 American martial artist
Jamie Sinclair, 29 Curler
Evan Trupp, 34 American ice hockey player
Dan Mintz, 40 American actor and comedian
Tim Wallace, 37 American ice hockey player
Chris Kuper, 38 American football player
LaMark Brown, 32 American football player
D'Angelo Harrison, 28 Basketball Player
Mia Costello, 53 American politician
Sammy Lilly, 56 American football player
Damian Vaughn, 46 American football player
Lance Pruitt, 40 American politician
James Southam, 43 American cross-country skier
Josh Phelps, 43 American baseball player
Irene Bedard, 54 American actor
David Bullock, 28 Entrepreneur
Curt Schilling, 54 American professional baseball player pitcher
Michelle Johnson, 56 Actress
Annie Parisse, 46 American actress
Martin Sensmeier, 36 Movie Actor
Mark Rosen, 33 Entrepreneur
Candace Kucsulain, 41 Metal Singer
Hayley DuMond, 47 Actress
Sonia Rockwell, 43 Actress
Acacia Johnson, 31 Photographer
Shawn Chacón, 43 American baseball player
D'Angelo Harrison, 28 Basketball Player
John Paragon, 66 Actor
Dana Stabenow, 69 American writer