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Famous people from Alton, United States of America including Riley Wallace, Joey Wright, Bill Lyons, Lawrence Leritz, Salim Nourallah, Salim Nourallah and many more.

Riley Wallace, 79 American basketball player-coach
Joey Wright, 53 American basketball player/coach
Bill Lyons, 63 American baseball player
Lawrence Leritz, 59 American ballet dancer and choreographer
Salim Nourallah, 54 American musician
Miles Davis, 65 Jazz trumpeter
Christina Romer, 62 economist
Bonnie Bramlett, 76 American singer
Mary Beth Hughes, 75 Actress
Red Rhodes, 64 American guitarist
Archie Kodros, 72 American football player and coach
John M. Olin, 89 American businessman
Jon Jerde, 75 American Experience Architect
Dick Burwell, 81 American baseball player
Joseph H. Delaney, 66 American writer
Mike Ford (NASCAR), 51 NASCAR crew chief
Thomas N. Scortia, 59 American writer
Jumbo McGinnis, 80 American baseball player
Jacob Eisenberg, 68 Israeli artist
Robert Wadlow, 22 Tallest verified human being
Craig Hentrich, 50 Player of American football
Ernest R. House, 84 American academic
Arthur Gilman (educator), 72 United States writer and educator
Cyrus Leroy Baldridge, 88 American author artist
Walter Short, 68 United States general
Arch Reilly, 72 American baseball player
Rick Yager, 85 American cartoonist
David J Apple, 69 American ophthalmologist
Carlyle A. Luer, 97 American botanist
Spencer Truman Olin, 94
Jesse Anderson, 37 American murderer
Charlie T. Black, 87 American college basketball standout in the 1920s later coached University of Nebraska basketball
Paul E. Riley, 59 United States federal judge
Martin Dooling, 79 American soccer player
Theodore P. Gilman, 89 New York banker and politician
Inglis Fletcher, 90 Author
William Sears (Bahá'í), 80 Hand of the Cause
William E. Lee, 68 American politician
Ryan Eslinger, 40 Director
James Earl Ray, 70 Assassin
Rosey Rowswell, 71 American radio sportscaster
Brian Jun, 41 Film Director Writer Editor
Don Lenhardt, 99 American baseball player and coach
Richard Lee Metcalfe, 92 American politician
Andrew Schlafly, 60 American lawyer
Joe Odom, 41 American football player
William R. Haine, 77 American politician