WWE Hall of Fame Winners 18 years old

People with WWE Hall of Fame


Name Title
Abdullah the Butcher Professional wrestler
Adam Copeland Actor
Afa Anoa'i Wrestler
Afa Anoaʻi Professional wrestler and United States Marine
Amy Dumas Actress
André the Giant professional wrestler and actor
Antonio Inoki Japanese politician
Arn Anderson professional wrestler
Arnold Schwarzenegger Austrian-American bodybuilder actor politician
Arnold Skaaland American professional wrestler
Barry Windham American professional wrestler
Bearcat Wright American professional wrestler
Beth Phoenix professional wrestler
Big Boss Man Wrestler
Big John Studd Professional wrestler
Bill Gold Graphic designer film poster artist
Bill Goldberg Professional wrestler; actor; American football player
Bill Watts American professional wrestler
Billy Gunn Professional wrestler
Blackjack Mulligan American professional wrestler
Bob Armstrong Actor
Bob Backlund professional wrestler and actor
Bob Orton, Jr. Professional wrestler
Bob Uecker American baseball player
Bobby Heenan Professional wrestler; professional wrestling commentator
Bobo Brazil Actor
Booker T Wrestler
Boris Malenko American professional wrestler
Bret Hart Wrestler
Bruno Sammartino Professional wrestler
Brutus Beefcake Professional wrestler
Buddy Roberts Actor
Butch Miller Race Car Driver
Carlos Colón Sr. Professional wrestler; professional wrestling promoter
Chief Jay Strongbow Professional wrestler
Chris Von Erich American professional wrestler
Cora Combs
Curt Hennig Professional wrestler
Dara Singh Wrestler & Actor
David Von Erich American professional wrestler
Devon Hughes Professional wrestler
Diamond Dallas Page Wrestler
Don Muraco Professional wrestler
Donald Trump 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Drew Carey Actor Comedian Game Show Host libertarian
Dusty Rhodes Wrestler
Ed Farhat Professional wrestler
Ed Lewis Wrestler
Ed Lewis (musician) American musician
Eddie Graham (politician) Australian politician

WWE Hall of Fame (18 years)

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