Officer of the Order of Canada

People with Officer of the Order of Canada


Name Title
Monique Miller Canadian actor
Monty Hall Game show host
Howard Shore Canadian composer
Sarah McLachlan Canadian musician and songwriter
David Foster Canadian musician record producer songwriter
Audrey Thomas Canadian writer
Sarah Polley Actress
Susan Aglukark Canadian Inuit musician
Wajdi Mouawad Canadian actor and writer
Deborah Grey Canadian politician
Carole Taylor Canadian politician
Deepa Mehta Indian film director
Alex Neve Canadian human rights activist
Louise Lecavalier Canadian dancer
Ken Dryden Hockey Player
Carolyn Waldo Synchronized swimmer
Gilles Pelletier Canadian actor
Roberta Bondar neurologist Canada's first female astronaut
André Bureau
Bernard Pivot French writer and presenter
Robert MacNeil TV Show Host
Susan Point Musqueam sculptor from Canada
Adrianne Pieczonka Canadian musician
Bruce Cockburn Canadian folk/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter
Lloyd Axworthy Canadian politician
Andrée Lachapelle Canadian actor
Bob Rae Canadian politician
Molly Johnson Canadian singer
Phil Esposito Canadian ice hockey player
Jean Vanier Canadian humanitarian
Charles Aznavour singer
Jeffrey Simpson Canadian journalist
William Shatner Actor
Claude Forget Canadian politician
Kenny Wheeler Canadian jazz trombonist
Charles Pachter Canadian artist
D. G. Jones Canadian poet
Alan Bernstein Canadian Medical Researcher
David A. Dodge Canadian economist
Mary Simon Canadian diplomat
Scotty Bowman NHL hockey coach
Jon Kimura Parker Canadian musician
Bobby Hull Canadian ice hockey player
Terry Matthews Welsh businessman
Stuart McLean Radio Host
Richard Margison Canadian opera singer
Jean-Pierre Côté Canadian politician
Constance Glube Lawyer first female Chief Justice of Nova Scotia
John Weinzweig Canadian composer
Philip Oland Former President and Chairman Moosehead Breweries Limited
Robert Folinsbee Canadian geologist
Charles Granger Canadian politician
Charles Beaulieu academic civil servant and businessman
Jean Pouliot Canadian television executive
Jim Elder Equestrian
David Schindler Limnologist ecologist environmentalist
Claude-Henri Grignon Canadian politician and writer
Nellie Cournoyea Canadian politician
George Gray Bell Canadian general
Raymond Thorsteinsson Canadian geologist
Ted Newall
Allan MacEachen Canadian politician
Daryl Seaman Canadian sports businessman
Philip Orsino Canadian businessman
Sam Steinberg Canadian businessman
Cleeve Horne Canadian artist
Nancy Reid Canadian statistician
Lionel Daunais Canadian opera singer
Hugh Hood Canadian writer
Kenneth Ozmon President of St Mary's Universiyt Halifax
Piers McDonald Canadian politician
Walter Pitman Canadian politician
Clark Blaise Writer
D'Iberville Fortier Canadian diplomat
André Parent
Vincent Bladen Canadian economist and academic
Jennifer Shay academic and ecologist
Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian curler and politician
Allen Lambert
Robert Prévost Canadian set designer
Jean Casselman Wadds Canadian politician
Martin Connell Canadian Businessman
Allan Markin Canadian businessman
André Chagnon Canadian Businessman
Bruce Kidd Canadian distance runner
Nicole Brossard Canadian poet
Sandra Gwyn Canadian journalist
Bev Koester
George Karpati Canadian neurologist
Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon Canadian chemist
Chantal Juillet Canadian classical violinist
Murray G. Ross Canadian academic
Martial Asselin Canadian politician
William Kaye Lamb Canadian historian
David Strangway Canadian geologist
Adolfo J. de Bold Canadian medical researcher
Daniel Ling
Richard Rohmer Canadian general
William Teron CAnadian businessman
Allen Linden Canadian judge
Ian McWhinney physician and academic
Moe Koffman Canadian musician
René Lecavalier
Joseph H. Shoctor
Susan Nattrass Canadian sport shooter
Wilbur Jackett Canadian judge
Clarence Barber Canadian economist
Leo Kolber Canadian politician
Vera Perlin
Jean-Marie De Koninck Canadian mathematician
Robert Uffen Canadian geophysicist
Jean Lallemand Canadian Businessman
Wilfred Curtis Royal Canadian air force officer
Kenneth D. Taylor Canadian diplomat
Alice Parizeau Canadian writer
Alan Cairns Canadian political scientist
Maxim Hermaniuk Catholic bishop
Keith Usherwood Ingold Canadian research chemist
Carl Goldenberg Canadian politician
William Lederman
A. J. Casson Canadian artist
C. B. Macpherson Canadian political scientist
Carl Goresky Canadian physician
Lorne Babiuk canadian scientist
Jean-Paul Audet Canadian philosopher
Maurice Baril Canadian general
Alexander Carter Catholic bishop
Bruce Kuwabara Canadian architect
Hugh Segal Canadian politician
Robert Kroetsch Canadian writer
Robert Steadward Canadian IOC member
Leslie Nielsen Canadian actor and comedian
Foster Hewitt Canadian broadcaster
Jean Grondin Philosopher
Burton Cummings Canadian musician
Frank Manning Covert Canadian lawyers
Alastair Gillespie Canadian politician
Debbie Brill Canadian high jumper
Maurice Baudoux Catholic bishop
Alexander Gordon McKay
Nina Raginsky Canadian photographer
Herman Geiger-Torel opera director
Louis Archambault Canadian artist
Betty Goodwin Canadian artist
W. Garfield Weston Canadian businessman
Shania Twain Native American Canadian singer and songwriter
Darcy McKeough Canadian politician
Albert Aguayo neuroscientist
Alan Lund Canadian dancer
Maurice Bellemare Canadian politician
Fernand Labrie Canadian medical researcher
Jim MacNeill Canadian Environmentalist
William Feindel neurosurgeon scientist professor
Mel Cappe Canadian diplomat
Alexa McDonough Political leader of the social democratic New Democratic Party of Canada (1995-2003) and the New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia (1980-1994).
Jonathan Larmonth Meakins Canadian surgeon and academic
Salter Hayden Canadian politician
Samuel O. Freedman Canadian immunologist
John Wendell Holmes Canadian diplomat
Katharine McLennan Canadian Activist
KD Lang Pop Singer
Gerald Maier
William G. Schneider Canadian physicist
David Crombie Professor
Félix Leclerc Canadian singer
Bluma Appel Canadian politician
Alfred Powis Canadian businessman
Richard Lipsey Canadian economist
Wilfred Gordon Bigelow heart surgeon
William Ferdinand Alphonse Turgeon Canadian politician
Raymond Speaker Canadian politician
Chaviva Hošek Canadian politician
Ian Scott (Ontario politician) Canadian politician
Charles Comfort British artist
Howard Alper Canadian chemist
Jean Le Moyne Canadian politician
John Russell Harper Canadian art historian
Louis Audette Canadian politician
Myer Horowitz
Karen Magnussen Figure skater
Charles Perry Stacey Canadian historian
Bill Glassco Canadian theatre director
Bobby Gimby Orchestra leader trumpeter songwriter
W. T. Tutte Codebreaker and mathematician
Robert Simmonds Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner
Fernand Nault Canadian ballet dancer and choreographer
Jean-Paul Desbiens
Jessie Oonark Canadian artist
Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien
Robert Begg Canadian physician
Fernand Ouellet Canadian historian
Murray Koffler
Wilfred I. Smith Canadian archivist
Charles Drury Canadian politician
W. Thomas Molloy
David McCurdy Baird Canadian photographer and geologist
Richard Haskayne Canadian businessman and philanthropist
Robert A. Boyd
Catriona Le May Doan Speed skater
Morris Shumiatcher Canadian lawyer
Alan Macnaughton Canadian politician
Buzz Hargrove
George Manuel Chief of the national Indian Brotherhood
Moran Campbell Canadian physician
André Desmarais
Leslie Shemilt Canadian chemical engineer and professor
Charles Dubin Jurist
Charles R. Stelck Canadian geologist
Édouard Gagnon Catholic cardinal
André Laplante Canadian classical pianist
John P. Smol Canadian ecologist
Gilbert LaBine Canadian prospector
Al Purdy Canadian poet
Daniel N. Paul Canadian historian
Daniel G. Hill Canadian academic
Neville Poy Canadian surgeon
Gilles Brassard Canadian computer sicentist
Raymonde April Canadian photographer
Sam Pollock Canadian ice hockey executive
Jean-Marie Poitras Canadian politician
Keith Davey Canadian politician
William Schabas Irish academic
Muriel McQueen Fergusson Canadian politician
John Risley Canadian businessman
Norman Horrocks Librarian
William Leiss
Jocelyne Alloucherie Canadian artist
Lorne Trottier Canadian businessman
Walter H. Johns Canadian academic
Philippe Kirsch Canadian judge
George Pedersen Canadian academic administrator
W. A. C. Bennett Canadian politician
Robert Savoie Canadian opera singer
Bernard Voyer Canadian explorer
Daniel Poliquin Canadian writer
Allen Sapp Canadian artist
Boyd Neel British conductor
Charles Lynch (journalist)
Cole Harris Canadian geographer university educator university professor
Mary Percy Jackson Canadian physician
Norman Inkster Canadian police commissioner
Leo Margolis Canadian parasitologist
Alfred John Ellis Canadian banker
Kenneth Lochhead Canadian artist
Renée Morisset Canadian musician
Mel Hurtig Canadian politician
Richard Hearn
Lois Smith (dancer) ballet dancer dance teacher
Kathleen Coburn
George Elliott Clarke Canadian writer
Carlyle Smith Beals Canadian astronomer
Hugues Lapointe Canadian politician
Pierre Grondin Canadian cardiac surgeon
Allan R. Taylor Canadian businessman
William Perehudoff Canadian artist
William Anthony Paddon Canadian physician and Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland
Leo Yaffe Canadian chemist
Leonard Nicholson Canadian politician
Carl Klinck Canadian literary historian and academic
David Peregrine Canadian actor and ballerina
Davie Fulton Canadian politician
A. Charles Baillie Canadian bank president
George Grant Philosopher
Martin Wilk Canadian statistician
Clarke Fraser Canadian Medical Geneticist
George R. Gardiner Canadian businessman
Kathleen Fenwick Canadian historian
Purdy Crawford Canadian businessman
Adelaide Sinclair Canadian civil servant
Jehane Benoît Canadian chef
Frank Arthur Calder Canadian politician
Claude Bisson Canadian judge
Bill Ricker Canadian scientist
John Peters Humphrey Canadian legal scholar
Bette Stephenson Canadian politician
Samuel Belzberg
Jean Coulthard Canadian composer
Frank Underhill Canadian historian
David Dolphin Canadian biochemist
Howard Pawley politician
Werner Israel Canadian physicist
Christopher Ondaatje Businessman philanthropist adventurer writer
Bud Bird Canadian politician
Linda Hutcheon Canadian academic
Charlotte Whitton Canadian politician
Stuart Milton Hodgson Canadian politician
William Commanda Algonquin leader
Alan Beddoe Canadian artist
Albert Bandura Canadian-American psychologists
Leo Mol Canadian artist
Rita Letendre Canadian artist
Alfred Monnin Canadian judge
Peter Oberlander Canadian architect
Sydney Halter Canadian football player
Bert Hoffmeister Canadian general
William Harrison Cook chemist
Cedric Ritchie Canadian banker
Bernard Belleau molecular pharmocologist
George Hungerford Rower
Gilbert Monture
André Barbeau Canadian neurologist
George E. Gauthier
Rob McConnell Canadian jazz musician
F. Ross Johnson Canadian businessman
Richard Arès Humanist writer
Frank Augustyn Canadian ballet dancer
Gilles Lamontagne Canadian politician
Phil Fontaine Aboriginal Canadian leader
Bernard Lamarre Canadian engineer and businessman
Camille Sandorfy Canadian chemist
Phyllis Grosskurth
Boris Berlin Pianist
Robert Bringhurst Canadian writer and typographer
David Sackett doctor
Maryse Lassonde Canadian psychologist
Maureen Kempston Darkes
Alex Baumann Canadian swimmer
Peter Towe Canadian diplomat
William S. Hoar Canadian zoologist
Bobby Clarke Canadian ice hockey player
Vianney Décarie Canadian philosopher
Robin Boadway economist
Félix-Antoine Savard Canadian poet
Victor Feldbrill Canadian musician
Walter Stewart Owen Canadian politician
Patrick McGrath Writer
George Zukerman Canadian classical bassonist
Édouard Rinfret Canadian politician
Rick Hillier Canadian general
C. Fred Bentley Canadian soil scientist
William Winegard Canadian politician
Alistair MacLeod Canadian novelist
Anne Giardini
Albert Trueman Canadian academic
W. L. Morton Canadian historian
Watson Kirkconnell Canadian academic
Boris Brott Canadian conductor
Bruce Trigger Canadian archaeologist
Walter Frederick Light
Jean Pelletier Canadian politician
William Thornton Mustard cardiac surgeon
Clarence Gosse Canadian politician
Victor Barbeau
Philip Seeman Canadian pharmacologist
Clermont Pépin Canadian composer
Charles Hollenberg physician educator researcher
Robert Haynes Canadian scientist
Kenneth McNaught Canadian historian
Walter Mackenzie Canadian surgeon
Peter Trueman Canadian journalist
Ben Weider Canadian sports businessman
Jean-Marc Hamel
George Ramsay Cook Canadian historian
Carrie Best Canadian journalist
Indira Samarasekera President of the University of Alberta
William Arthur Cochrane pediatrician academic and medical executive
Pierre Sévigny Canadian politician
Colette Boky Singer
Richard Borshay Lee Canadian anthropologist
Murray Adaskin Jewish Canadian musician
Richard Geren Canadian geologist
Georges Erasmus Canadian politician
Charles Richard Harington
Ian David Sinclair Canadian politician
Morton Shulman Politician physician businessman and broadcaster from Toronto Canada.
Clarence Wiseman General of the Salvation Army
Phil Gold physician scientist professor
George Bowering Canadian writer
William Brenton Boggs
Max Gros-Louis Canadian politician
Albert D. Cohen Canadian entrepreneur community builder philanthropist
Victor de Bedia Oland Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
Robert Bandeen
Monique Bégin Canadian politician
Naïm Kattan Canadian writer
Alan Borovoy
Jean Cuthand Goodwill
Robert Gordon Rogers Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Jean Davignon Canadian physician
Lily Butters
Walter Dieter Canadian First Nations leader
Walter Russell Shaw Canadian politician
Phyllis Ross Canadian economist
Richard J. Puddephatt British academic
Allan Blakeney premier of Saskatchewan
Murray Barr physician medical researcher
Max Ward (aviator) Canadian aviator
Sajeev John Physicist
Carl Pollock Canadian businessman
Robert Ackman Chemist professor
Wilbert Hopper
Frank O'Dea
Bobby Orr Professional ice hockey player
Raymond Laflamme
Frank H. Ellis Canadian aviator and historian
Wilbert Keon Canadian politician
Robert Després
Jean-Pierre Wallot Canadian historian
Claude Tousignant Canadian artist
Lionel Boulet Canadian engineer academic and utilities executive
Roch Carrier French Canadian writer and librarian
Clara Hughes Cyclist
David Bercuson Canadian historian
Charles Dutoit
Bruce Nodwell Inventor of the Nodwell 110
Niels Jannasch Canadian historian
Victor Bouchard Canadian musician
Louis-Edmond Hamelin Canadian politician
William McLean Hamilton Canadian politician
William R. C. Blundell
Maury Van Vliet Canadian academic
Samuel Bronfman Canadian businessman philanthropist
Alexander Hickman Canadian politician
Monique Frize Canadian academic and biomedical engineer
Pierre Camu
Raymond Souster Canadian poet
George Hees Canadian politician
W. O. Mitchell Canadian writer
Richard M. Thomson Canadian bank president
Keith Spicer Canadian public servant
Édith Butler musician
Phyllis Webb Canadian poet
Allan Leal Canadian politician
Dalton Camp Canadian politician
George Volkoff Canadian physicist
Robert Moncel Canadian general
Saul Hayes
W. P. Kinsella Author
Frank H. Sobey Canadian businessman
Samuel Delbert Clark Canadian sociologist
André Viger Canadian paralympic athlete
C. S. Holling
Tanya Moiseiwitsch
Moyra Allen Nurse professor
George F. Curtis
Gilbert Finn Canadian politician
Pierre Morency Canadian writer poet and playwright
Brian Orser Retired Canadian professional figure skater
William Epstein Canadian civil servant
William Lloyd Hoyt Canadian judge
Richard Goldbloom Paediatrician Medical Researcher University Chancellor and Officer of the Order of Canada
Ruth Goldbloom
Alvin Segal American-Canadian businessman
Bernard Shapiro Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University 1994 to 2004
Monique Leyrac Canadian actor and singer
Pierre Juneau Canadian politician
Hervé Filion Canadian horse racer
William Ross Macdonald Canadian politician
George Cohon Businessman
Gisèle Côté-Harper
Ted Godwin Canadian artist
Mladen Vranic Canadian medical researcher
Arthur Irving Canadian businessman
Joseph-Aurèle Plourde Catholic bishop
Fenwick Lansdowne Canadian artist
Arnold Brown
Farley Mowat Canadian writerand environmentalist
Neil Peart Actor
Stompin' Tom Connors Canadian singer
Robert Prichard Canadian economist
Nancy Greene Alpine skier and Canadian senator
John Mighton Canadian mathematician and writer
Alice Girard
Ian Stirling
Alberto Manguel Canadian writer
Frank Shuster Canadian comedian
Nancy Huston Canadian writer
François Rozet Canadian actor
Norman Campbell Canadian composer and television director
Normand Chaurette Canadian playwright
Oliver Jones
Frank Hayden Actor
Gerald Finley Canadian opera singer
Richard Currie
Kenneth Forbes Canadian artist
Raymond A. Price Canadian geologist
Vanessa Harwood Canadian ballet dancer choreographer artistic director teacher actor
Colin Low Director
Édouard Lock Choreographer
F. R. Crawley Canadian producer
William Weintraub Canadian documentary filmmaker
Earle Birney Poet
Dave Broadfoot Canadian comedian
Craig Dobbin
Gudrun Parker
Jean-Pierre Ferland Actor
Alanis Obomsawin Canadian Aboriginal filmmaker
Samuel Freedman Canadian judge
Alex Campbell Actor
Peter Bentley
Teresa Stratas Canadian singer
Bonnie Sherr Klein Canadian filmmaker and disability activist
Warren Allmand Canadian politician
Lister Sinclair Canadian actor
Frederick Johnson
Allan King Canadian film director
Sydney Newman Television producer
Terence Macartney-Filgate Canadian film director
Jean Pierre Lefebvre Canadian filmmaker
Bruce Hutchison Canadian author and journalist
Birutė Galdikas Primatologist conservationist and ethologist
Grant Munro Director
Monica Hughes British writer
Vincent Warren Actor
Alexina Louie Canadian classical composer
Phil Nimmons Canadian musician
Frances Hyland Canadian actor
Dany Laferrière Haitian and Canadian novelist and journalist
Kate Reid Canadian actor
Tom Jackson Actor
David Bauer Actor
Lloyd Robertson Canadian journalist
Allan Monk Operatic baritone
Viola Léger Canadian actor and politician
Gino Quilico Canadian opera singer
Jeff Skoll Film producer
Rex Harrington Canadian ballet dancer
Ginette Reno Musician actress
Frédéric Back Canadian animator
Hume Cronyn Actor
Robert Charlebois Canadian singer
Alex Lifeson Actor
Lorne Greene Canadian actor and musician
Chief Dan George Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Gilles Carle Film director
Colm Feore Canadian actor
Peter Busby Waite Canadian historian
Judith Goslin Hall
James Till biophysicist
Landon Pearson Canadian politician
Harold MacKay Canadian businessman and lawyer
Angèle Dubeau Canadian violinist
Fred Wah Canadian poet
Julio Montaner HIV/AIDS researcher
Jack Granatstein Canadian historian
Guy Vanderhaeghe Canadian writer
Roch Bolduc Canadian politician
Gordon Thiessen Governor of the Bank of Canada
Jean-Guy Pilon Canadian poet
Sidney van den Bergh Canadian astronomer
Dominic D'Alessandro
Paul F. Hoffman Canadian geologist
Ivan Fellegi Statistician
Lynn R. Williams Canadian trade unionist
Stephen M. Drance Canadian ophthalmologist
Marcel Massé Canadian politician
Gordon Guyatt Canadian politician
Judd Buchanan Canadian politician
Raymond Garneau Canadian politician
Jacques Beaulieu Canadian physicist
Gérard Veilleux Canadian civil servant
Gregory Baum
Stanley Hartt
Isadore Sharp Canadian businessman
James Weisgerber Catholic archbishop emeritus
Paule Gauthier Canadian lawyer
Juhn Atsushi Wada Japanese Canadian neurologist
Roy Romanow Canadian politician
Ronald James Baker University president
Arthur Bourns
Pat McGeer Canadian politician
Louise Fréchette Canadian diplomat
Gordon Walter Semenoff Canadian physicist
Margot Franssen Canadian businessman
Timothy R. Parsons
W. H. New Canadian poet
Gail Asper Canadian lawyer and businessman
J. R. Shaw Canadian businessman
Tony Belcourt Metis politician
Jacob Masliyah
Hal Jackman Chancellor of University of Toronto
Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Canadian politician
John Allen Fraser Canadian politician
Thomas Brzustowski Canadian engineer academic and civil servant
Anita Kunz Canadian artist
Parzival Copes Canadian economist
Arnold Naimark
Michel Gervais
Douglas Roche Canadian politician
Paul Davenport Canadian economist
Grace McCarthy Canadian politician
Thomas R. Berger Canadian politician
Anik Bissonnette Canadian ballet dancer
Yoshio Masui Japanese biologist
J. Richard Bond Astrophysicist and cosmologist
Stewart Blusson Canadian prospector
Douglas Tyndall Wright Canadian civil engineer civil servant and university administrator.
Gary Filmon Canadian politician
Michael Sabia Canadian businessman
Manuel Buchwald
Léonard Legault Canadian diplomat
John MacLachlan Gray Canadian writer composer and perofrmer
Yves Morin Canadian politician
Thomas Chang Canadian physician
H. Ian Macdonald Canadian economist
Royden Rabinowitch Canadian artist
Michael Audain Businessperson
Steven Staryk Canadian musician
Eric Newell
John Dossetor Canadian physician
Tirone E. David Canadian cardiac surgeon
Barbara McDougall Canadian politician
Marie Chouinard Canadian dancer
Roger Jackson Rower
Serge Joyal Canadian politician
J. Ross Mackay
Michael J. L. Kirby Canadian politician
John Crow former Governor of the Bank of Canada
Fredrik Stefan Eaton Canadian diplomat
Kenneth Gilbert Canadian musician
Ashok Vijh Canadian chemist
Larry Tanenbaum Canadian businessman
Raymond Chrétien Canadian diplomat
Derek Burney Canadian diplomat
Jules Hardy Canadian neurosurgeon
Irene Whittome Canadian artist
Arden Haynes Canadian businessman
Margaret Conrad Canadian historian
Hélène Dorion Canadian writer
Stephen Hanessian Canadian chemist
Jean-Jacques Nattiez authority on the semiology of music
Marie-Josée Kravis Canadian wife of Henry Kravis of KKR
Tim Wynne-Jones Canadian children's writer
Roy Megarry Canadian newspaper executive
John McGarry Canadian political scientistCanadian political scientist
Elaine Tanner Swimmer
Marshall A. Cohen
James Kudelka Canadian ballet dancer
Michael Pitfield Canadian politician
Sharon Butala Writer
John Havelock Parker Canadian politician
Roy Heenan
Gordon Dixon Canadian biochemist
Arthur Labatt
J. J. Michel Robert Canadian judge
Paul Corkum Canadian physicist
James K. Irving Canadian businessman
Terry Mosher Canadian cartoonist
John Jonas Canadian metallurgist
Arthur Mauro
Barry Strayer Canadian judge
Conrad Black Canadian-born Newspaper Publisher
Patricia Baird biologist
Peter MacKinnon
Gustavo da Roza Architect
Arthur Carty Canadian chemist
Kevin G. Lynch Canadian economist
Lynton Wilson Canadian businessman
Marnie McBean Rower
Grant Reuber Canadian economist civil servant and businessman
Balfour Mount Canadian physician surgeon and academic
Joseph Rotman Canadian politician
Dorothy Ludwig Canadian sport shooter
Louis Garneau Canadian racing cyclist
AA Bronson Canadian performance artist
Michael DeGroote
John M. Last Australian academic
Michel Vennat Canadian civil servant
Bartha Knoppers
Joseph Plaskett Canadian artist
Henry Saxe Canadian sculptor
Seymour Schulich Canadian businessman
Margaret MacMillan Canadian historian
Tom Courchene Canadian economist
Peter Godsoe Canadian bank president
Mark Wainberg Canadian AIDS researcher
Marlene Streit Amateur golfer
John B. Macdonald 4th President of the University of British Columbia
Marcel Bélanger Canadian economist
Brian Williams (Canadian sportscaster) Canadian Sportscaster, Born 1946
Roy Peterson Canadian cartoonist
Pauline Jewett Canadian politician
Marian Engel Canadian writer
Marc Lalonde Canadian politician
Chris Hadfield Canadian astronaut
John Hall Archer Canadian librarian/historian/civil servant/first President of the University of Regina
Doris Shadbolt Canadian art historian
Thomas Ide Canadian television executive
Angèle Arsenault Canadian musician
K. C. Irving Canadian entrepreneur industrialist
Anthony Adamson Architect
Sterling Lyon Canadian politician
Edward Bronfman
Louis Dudek Canadian poet
Jake Gaudaur
Laura Sabia Canadian politician
Stefan Sznuk Polish general
Léon Lortie Canadian chemist
Harold E. Johns medical physicist
Geoffrey Pearson Canadian diplomat
Eric Teed Canadian politician and lawyer
E. R. Ward Neale Canadian geologist
Toni Onley Canadian artist
Helen Belyea Canadian geologist
Roy Kiyooka Canadian artist
Helen Hunley Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta Canada
Arthur Tremblay Canadian politician
Klaus Goldschlag Canadian diplomat
Edwin A. Goodman Canadian lawyer
Peter Desbarats Canadian journalist
Harry Bain Canadian pediatrician
Harry Medovy Canadian pediatrician
Léo Cadieux Member of the Canadian House of Commons
Lawrence Kirk Canadian agronomist
Frederick Andermann Canadian neurologist
Harry Walsh Canadian lawyer
Dave Barrett Canadian politician
Raymond Gushue
Jaroslav Rudnyckyj Ukrainian Canadian linguist lexicographer and author
St. Clair Balfour
Gérald Beaudoin Canadian politician
Judy LaMarsh Canadian politician writer broadcaster and barrister.
James Sewid Canadian writer
Eric Kierans Canadian politician
Douglas Harkness Canadian politician
J. M. S. Careless Canadian historian
Arthur Hiller (footballer) German footballer
Harry Gordon Johnson Canadian economist
Arthur Lundrigan
Jacques Flynn Canadian politician
John Erskine Read Canadian judge
Isaac Phills
Grace MacInnis Canadian politician
Audrey Alexandra Brown Canadian poet
Peter Bawden Canadian politician
Raymond Heimbecker Canadian surgeon
Derek Bedson
Thomas Head Raddall Canadian historian
Athol Murray Canadian priest and hockey administrator
Arthur Vineberg Canadian surgeon
Herbert Jasper psychologist physiologist anatomist chemist and neurologist
Micheline Beauchemin Canadian artist
Digby McLaren Canadian scientist
Henry Kreisel
Serge Garant Canadian composer
Roger Matton Canadian composer
Stephen Juba Canadian politician
Marc Baltzan Canadian physician
Jack Pelech Canadian lawyer
John Archibald Armstrong Canadian business executive
John Callaghan Canadian cardiac surgeon
Sol Kanee Canadina lawyer
Ivan Head
Harold Town Canadian artist
Paul Marmet Canadian physicist
Hédard Robichaud Canadian politician
John Alan Beesley Canadian diplomat
Ronald Thom Canadian architect
James Bartleman (singer) English singer
Shirley Carr
Arthur B. B. Moore
Erich Vogt Canadian physicist
Patrick McTaggart-Cowan
Eric Harvie Canadian oilman philanthropist
Ged Baldwin Canadian politician
Irene Spry Canadian economist
Harry Jackman Canadian politician
Harry Gunning Canadian physicist
Irene Uchida Canadian biologist
Louis Muhlstock
Henry Poole MacKeen Canadian lawyer
Desmond Morton (civil servant)
Dora Mavor Moore Canadian actor
Ross Munro War correspondent
Tom Hendry co-founder of the Manitoba Theatre Centre
Angus MacLean Canadian politician
Elmer Iseler Canadian choir conductor
Stephen Worobetz Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan
Peter Bronfman
Shirley Firth Olympic alpine skier
Ernest Buckler Canadian novelist
Roloff Beny Canadian photographer
Jack Poole Canadian businessman
Jacques Hétu Canadian composer
Izzy Asper Canadian businessperson
Laure Rièse Swiss educator
Harry Rowsell Canadian veterinarian
Solange Chaput-Rolland Canadian politician
Augustine A. MacDonald Canadian politician
Sharon Capeling-Alakija
James Milton Ham
Hans Blumenfeld Canadian architect
Jack Shadbolt Canadian artist
Julien Chouinard Canadian politician
Milton E. Harris
Joe Fafard Canadian sculptor
John Hubert Craigie Canadian botanist
Peter Hochachka Canadian zoologist
Ernest McCulloch cellular biologist
Douglas LePan Canadian poet
Thomas Henry Manning British-Canadian Arctic biologist
Arnold Smith Canadian diplomat
John Arnup Canadian judge
Rod Robbie Canadian Architect
Sidney Buckwold Canadian politician
Arthur Maxwell House Canadian politician
Harry Botterell neurosurgeon and academic administrator
Léon Dion Canadian political scientist
Harold Griffith Canadian anesthesiologist
Seraphin Marion Canadian historian
Douglas Lloyd Campbell Canadian politician
Henry Pybus Bell-Irving Lieutenant Governor of British Colombia
Anthony Pawson British-Canadian biochemist
Simon Reisman Canadian civil servant
Harry Adaskin Canadian music academic and broadcaster
Henry Collingwood
Beland Honderich
Harold A. Rogers Founder of Kin Canada
Dorothy Livesay Canadian poet
Valentine Milvain Canadian judge
Donald Hillman Canadian paediatrician
Gordon Fairweather Canadian politician
Earle McLaughlin banker
Denise Pelletier Canadian actor
Fulgence Charpentier Canadian diplomat
István Anhalt Canadian composer
Trevor Eyton Canadian politician
Gordon Arnaud Winter Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador
Gordon Lockhart Bennett Canadian politician
Gordon Slemon Canadian electrical engineer professor author
Paul Brodie Canadian musician
Malvina Bolus Canadian historian
Harry Hawthorn Canadian anthropologist
Arthur Ryan Smith Canadian politician
Arnold Walter Canadian musicologist
Lawrence Heisey
John Basmajian Canadian academic and scientist
John Alexander Hopps
Michael Kelway Oliver Canadian politician
Guy Sylvestre Canadian civil servant
L. Denis Desautels
Jack Agrios Lawyer
Helen Glass Canadian nurse
Stephen Cook (cricketer) South African cricketer
Jake Epp Canadian politician
Jean-Gabriel Castel
Ralph Steinhauer Canadian politician
Harold Greenberg
Dominique Michel Canadian actor
Betty Kennedy Canadian politician
Anne Wheeler Canadian film director
Mark Starowicz Canadian journalist and radio and TV producer
Shelagh Rogers Canadian radio host
Harry Freedman Canadian composer and musician
Guy Provost French Canadian actor
Michael Bliss Canadian historian
Osmond Borradaile Canadian cinematographer
Donald Brittain Canadian filmmaker
Jacques Languirand Canadian radio host writer actor and director
Denis Héroux Canadian film director and producer
John Hirsch Canadian theatre director
David Naylor Canadian physician
Michelle Rossignol Actor
Sheila Copps Canadian politician
Marc Favreau Canadian actor
Paul Hébert Canadian actor
Ron Collier Canadian jazz trombonist
Paul Buissonneau French theatre director
André Gagnon Canadian pianist
Yves Thériault Canadian writer
Marcel Dubé
Harry Jerome Athletics (sport) competitor
Don Harron Canadian actor and comedian
Pamela Wallin Canadian politician
Knowlton Nash
Percy Williams Canadian athlete
Louis Lortie Canadian musician
Rodney Graham Canadian photographer
Angela Hewitt Canadian classical pianist
Serge Savard Canadian ice hockey player
Douglas Cardinal Canadian architect
Guido Molinari Canadian artist
Anton Kuerti Canadian politician
Judith Thompson Canadian playwright
Russ Jackson Canadian football player and coach
Margaret Avison Canadian poet
Endel Tulving experimental psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist
Timothy Findley Canadian writer
Sharon Pollock Canadian actor and writer
Rudy Wiebe Canadian writer
Jake Eberts A Canadian film producer executive and financier
Michele Landsberg author journalist feminist social activist
Chantal Hébert Journalist
Irving Layton Romanian Canadian poet
Heather Bishop Canadian singer
Judith Forst Singer
Leslie Cliff (swimmer) Swimmer
Jim Elder (politician) Australian politician
Sam Steinberg (artist) American artist
Maurice LeClair physician businessman civil servant academic
Richard Cashin Canadian politician
Neil Young (footballer born 1973) English footballer
Howard Graham (Canadian Army officer) Canadian general
Wasyly (Fedak) Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
Robert Fulford (croquet player) British croquet player
Margaret Lally "Ma" Murray Canadian columnist
David Foster (Royal Navy officer) Business Executive
Gilles Tremblay (composer) Canadian composer
Iona Campagnolo Canadian politician
Irving Schwartz Businessman entrepreneur and philanthropist
Irwin Cotler Canadian politician
Ivan Reitman Canadian film director
Jacques Godbout Canadian writer
Elizabeth May Canadian politician lawyer environmentalist activist writer
Elsie MacGill Pioneering female aircraft designer
Eric Hoskins Canadian politician
Ernest Cormier Canadian architect
Eugene Whelan Canadian politician
Tom Axworthy
Tom Cochrane Singer-Songwriter Musician
Luc Plamondon Lyricist
Malak Karsh Canadian photographer
Gordie Howe Canadian ice hockey player
Gordon Shrum Canadian civil servant
Gordon Sinclair Canadian journalist
Greg Keelor Canadian musician
Gregory Charles Canadian actor
Gustave Lanctot Canadian historian
Guy Lafleur Canadian ice hockey player
Guy Laliberté Canadian businessman
Gwynne Dyer Canadian historian and journalist
Zacharias Kunuk Canadian film director
Frederick Lowy Canadian medical educator
Frederick Russell Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland
G. Michael Bancroft Chemist
Gaétan Boucher Speed skater
Galen Weston Canadian billionaire
Geddy Lee Canadian musician
Paul-André Fortier Canadian dancer
Paul Almond Writer
Paul Anka Canadian singer-songwriter
Paul David Manson Canadian general
Paul Grégoire Catholic cardinal
Pauline Donalda Singer
Percival Gordon Canadian judge
Perreault Casgrain Canadian politician
Peter Appleyard Canadian jazz musician
Peter Mansbridge BRitish-CAnadain broadcaster
Peter Milliken Canadian politician
Denis Villeneuve Canadian film director
Denise Filiatrault Canadian actor
Diana Krall Canadian musician
Dick Pound Olympic swimmer and Committe member
Donald Ethell Lieutenant Governor-designate of Alberta
Donald J. Carty
Douglas Coupland Canadian novelist short story writer playwright and graphic designer
Roch Voisine Canadian singer-songwriter
Roméo Dallaire Canadian politician
Ronald Melzack Canadian psychologist
Roy McMurtry Canadian politician
Russell Braun Canadian opera singer
Michael Fullan Educational research
Michael J. Fox Canadian actor
Michael Schade Canadian opera singer
Michel Marc Bouchard
Mike Lazaridis Canadian businessman
Milton Fowler Gregg Canadian politician
Tsui Lap-chee Hong Kong academic
Ursula Franklin Canadian metallurgist research physicist author and educator
Sheila Watt-Cloutier Canadian environmentalist
Shirley Douglas Canadian actor
Shirley M. Tilghman Biologist and biochemist
Sima Samar Afghani politician
Stanley Knowles Canadian politician
Steve Nash Canadian/British basketball player
Steve Paikin TV anchor journalist author documentary producer.
Harry Arthurs
Hartland Molson Canadian politician
Hayley Wickenheiser Ice Hockey player
Heather Munroe-Blum Canadian business woman and academic
Henry Angus Canadian lawyer/academic.
Laurence Freeman Catholic priest and a Benedictine monk
Laurier LaPierre Canadian politician
Marc-André Hamelin Canadian musician
Marcel Aubut Canadin ice hockey owner
Marcel Barbeau Canadian artist
Margaret Catley-Carlson Canadian civil servant
Margaret Meagher Canadian diplomat
Margaret Lock anthropologist
Mario Lemieux Canadian ice hockey centre Pittsburgh Penguins owner
Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of Canada
James Chalmers McRuer Canadian judge
James Hillier
James Orbinski Canadian physician
Jan Narveson Canadian philosopher
Jane Bunnett Canadian musician
Jane Jacobs Writer activist
Jane Urquhart Canadian writer
Janina Fialkowska Canadian pianist
Eberhard Zeidler Canadian architect
Ed Mirvish
Edward Burtynsky Canadian photographer
Edward Samuel Rogers Canadian businessman
Eleanor Wachtel Canadian radio host
John Bandler Canadian academic
John Crosbie Canadian politician
John Hamm Canadian politician
John Kenneth Galbraith American diplomat
John Leslie Charles Canadian railway engineer
Joyce Wieland Canadian film director
Julie Payette Astronaut
Atom Egoyan film director screenwriter producer & actor
Audrey McLaughlin Canadian politician
Anne McLellan Canadian politician
Arlette Cousture
Randy Bachman Canadian musician
Raymond Bachand Canadian politician
Alex Trebek Television personality Game show host
Rick Mercer Canadian comedian
Bill White (Texas politician) American lawyer and politician
Buffy Sainte-Marie Canadian musician
Jean Coutu (pharmacist)
Jim Cuddy canadian singer-songwriter
Peter A. Singer Canadian medical researcher
Tito Scaiano Argentine chemist
Paul Lacoste (Canadian football) American football player
John Challis (activist)
Pierre Nadeau
Steve Podborski
Graham Day (footballer) English footballer
Louis Robitaille (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player
Michel Chrétien (scientist) Canadian medical researcher
Paul Desmarais, Jr.
Evelyn Lett
Ian McTaggart-Cowan
André Prévost
Anna Porter
Fernande Saint-Martin
Phil Nuytten Canadian diver

Officer of the Order of Canada (0 years)

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