Officer of the National Order of Merit Winners

People with Officer of the National Order of Merit


Name Title
Abdelatif Benazzi French rugby union player
Adolphe Colrat French Polynesian politician
Adrien Zeller French politician
Agnès Letestu French ballet dancer
Alain Bauer
Alain Bugat Businessperson
Alain Chamfort French singer
Alain Cointat
Alain Daniélou French academic
Alain De Lacoste-Lareymondie
Alain Mamou-Mani French film producer
Alain Pasquier French art historian
Alain Seban Museum curator
Alain Terrenoire French politician
Alain Terzian French film producer
Alain Touraine French sociologist
Albert Falco Scuba diver former Chief Diver and Captain of RV Calypso and associate of Jaques Yves Cousteau
Albert Uderzo French comic book artist
Aleksandr Poleshchuk Russian cosmonaut
Alexandre Adler Historian journalist
Alexandre Desplat French composer
Amaury Leveaux French swimmer
Amin Maalouf Lebanese writer
André Lurton Winemaker
André Vauchez Historian
André Vingt-Trois Catholic cardinal
Andréa Ferréol French actor
Ange Mancini French politician
Anh Dao Traxel Vietnamese writer
Anita Roth
Anne Floriet Gold medal paralympian
Anne Hidalgo French politician
Anne Lauvergeon
Anne Parillaud French actor
Anne Queffélec French musician
Anne-Marie Idrac French politician
Annette Messager French painter
Annette Wieviorka
Antoine Compagnon
Arnold De Contades
Assia El Hannouni French paralympic athlete
Barbara Cassin French philosopher
Barbara Schulz French actor
Béatrice Abollivier
Béatrice Uria-Monzon Actor
Benjamin Stora French historian
Benoît Chomel de Jarnieu French admiral
Benoît Potier French businessman
Bernadette Lafont Actress
Bernard Diomède Footballer

Officer of the National Order of Merit (0 years)

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