Member of the Order of Canada Winners

People with Member of the Order of Canada


Name Title
Aba Bayefsky Canadian artist
Abe Okpik Canadian politician
Adrien Ouellette Canadian politician
Aida McAnn Flemming
Al Waxman Canadian actor
Alain Chartrand Director
Alain Stanké Canadian writer
Alan Abraham Lieutenant Governors of Nova Scotia
Alan Garnett Davenport
Alanis Obomsawin Canadian Aboriginal filmmaker
Albert Ross Tilley plastic surgeon
Albert Schultz Canadian actor
Aldéa Landry Canadian politician
Alex Barris Canadian actor
Alex Janvier Canadian artist
Alexander Brott Canadian composer
Alfred J. Billes
Alfred Needler
Alfred Scow Canadian judge
Allan A. Lamport Canadian politician
Allan Carswell Canadian physicist
Allan Gordon Bell Canadian composer
Alwyn Morris Canoe racer
Anahareo Writer animal rights activist and conservationist
Andrew Dawes Canadian classical violinist
Andrew Simone Canadian dermatologist
Andy Russell (American football) American football player
Angela Sidney Storyteller author
Angella Taylor-Issajenko Athletics (sport) competitor
Ann Mortifee Canadian musician
Ann Southam Composer
Anna McGarrigle
Anne Carson Canadian poet
Anne Golden Canadian historian
Anne Heggtveit Alpine skier
Anne-Marie Alonzo Writer
Anthony Miller Football Player
Antony Holland Canadian actor/director
Arlette Lefebvre Canadian psychiatrist
Armand de Mestral
Art Miki Canadian politician
Arthur Lamothe French Canadian filmmaker
Arthur Villeneuve Canadian painter
Arthur Wishart Attorney General of Ontario
Austin Clarke Poet
Austin Willis Canadian actor
Avrom Isaacs Canadian art dealer
Barbara Gowdy Canadian writer
Barry Broadfoot
Ben Wicks Canadian cartoonist

Member of the Order of Canada (0 years)

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