Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor Winners

People with Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor


Name Title
Anthony Holland Actor
Ben Gazzara Actor
Ben Kingsley Actor
Billy Barty Actor
Billy Ray Cyrus Singer-Songwriter Actor Film producer
Brooke Shields Actress model
Burt Young American actor
Charles Grodin American actor
Christian Slater actor
Christopher Reeve Actor Director Producer Screenwriter
Dan Aykroyd Canadian film actor
Danny DeVito American actor and director
David Mendenhall American actor
David Selby Actor
DeForest Kelley Actor singer
Dennis Hopper American actor
Dennis Rodman American professional basketball player
Donald Sutherland Canadian actor
Donald Trump 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Ed McMahon Tonight Show announcer game show host actor spokesman
Ernest Borgnine American actor
Gabriel Byrne Irish actor
George Kennedy (Scottish footballer) Footballer
Gilbert Gottfried American actor
Harvey Keitel Academy Award-nominated American actor
Herbert Lom Czech-born actor
Jake Lloyd Actor
James Coco Actor
Jamie Alcroft American comedian and voice actor
Jerome Benton Actor
Jim Nabors American actor and singer
John Adames Actor
John Travolta Actor singer dancer
Jon Voight Actor
Joseph Cali American actor
Laurence Olivier Actor producer director peer knight
Liam Neeson Actor
Mack Dryden
Marlon Brando American actor
Michael Caine English actor
Peter O'Toole Actor
Pierce Brosnan Actor
Richard Crenna American actor director producer
Richard E. Grant (paleontologist) American paleontologist
Richard Pryor American comedian and actor
Rob Lowe actor
Robby Benson American actor and director
Robert Pattinson Actor model and musician
Robert Urich Actor
Robin Williams (academic) British academic

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