George Polk Award Winners

People with George Polk Award


Name Title
Joe Bruno Actor
A. H. Raskin American journalist
A. M. Rosenthal Writer editor columnist
Adam Ciralsky American journalist
Adam Goldman Journalist
Adam Gopnik American journalist
Alan Cowell British writer
Alan J. Gould Newspaper writer and editor
Alan Schwarz American sportswriter
Alan Westin American academic
Alden Whitman American journalist
Alex Beasley YouTube Star
Alex Kotlowitz Writer
Alfred Kazin American writer
Alix M. Freedman Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
Allan Nairn
Alma Guillermoprieto Mexican journalist
Amanda Demme
Amy Goodman Journalist and author
Amy Ziering American filmmaker
Andrea Elliott American journalist
Andreas Wilson Swedish actor
Andrew Schneider Actor
Angus Hines
Anita Pratap Indian writer and journalist
Anna Deavere Smith American actress playwright and professor
Anne Garrels American journalist
Anthony Stanislas Radziwill American television executive and filmmaker
Arnold Gingrich
Av Westin
Barbara Crossette American journalist
Barry Bearak
Barton Gellman American journalist
Benjamin Fine Journalist
Bernard B. Fall American historian
Bernard Lewis (entrepreneur)
Beryl Fox Canadian film director and producer
Bill Moyers American journalist
Bob Woodward American Journalist
Bob Woodward (actor) actor
Brian McTigue English rugby league player
Brian Ross Actor
C. J. Chivers
Carey McWilliams (journalist) American journalist
Carl Bernstein American journalist
Carol D. Leonnig American journalist
Carol Marin American journalist
Carolyn Cole American photojournalist
Catherine Leroy French photojournalist
Celia W. Dugger

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