Franklin Medal Winners

People with Franklin Medal


Name Title
Albert Einstein Physicist
Albert Sauveur Belgian physicist
Ambrose Swasey American engineer
Benoit Mandelbrot Mathematician
Britton Chance Academic and sailor
C. V. Raman Physicist
César Milstein Argentine biochemist
Charles Algernon Parsons Inventor Of The Steam Turbine
Charles F. Kettering Entrepreneur
Charles Fabry French physicist
Charles Thomson Rees Wilson Physicist Nobel Laureate
Cyril M. Harris
David W. Taylor United States admiral
Detlev Bronk scientist
Donald Knuth Computer science
Edwin Howard Armstrong American electrical engineer and inventor
Edwin Hubble American astronomer
Elias James Corey American chemist
Elihu Thomson American inventor
Elmer Ambrose Sperry American mechanical engineer
Emile Berliner Entrepreneur
Enrico Fermi Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Ernest Rutherford New Zealander nuclear physicist
Eugene Wigner Mathematician and Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Frank B. Jewett American physicist
Frank J. Sprague American railroad pioneer
Frank Whittle RAF officer Jet engine pioneer
Frederick Reines American physicist
Frederick Seitz American physicist
G. Evelyn Hutchinson British zoologist
G. W. Pierce American physicist
Geoffrey Ingram Taylor
George C. Pimentel Chemist academic
George Ellery Hale American journalist
George Kistiakowsky American chemist
George Owen Squier United States Army general
Gerard 't Hooft Dutch physicist
Glenn Seaborg
Glenn T. Seaborg American chemist Nobel Prize laureate
Gregory Breit American physicist
Guglielmo Marconi Electrical engineer
Hannes Alfvén Swedish electrical engineer plasma physicist and Nobel laureate
Hans Bethe Physicist
Harlow Shapley American astronomer
Harold Urey American chemist
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Physicist
Hendrik Lorentz Physicist
Henry Norris Russell American astronomer
Henry Tizard British chemist
Hugh Huxley English biologist

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