Fellow of the Royal Historical Society Winners

People with Fellow of the Royal Historical Society


Name Title
A. E. Levett English economic historian
A. J. Pollard British historian
A. L. Rowse Author and historian
Adolphus William Ward English historian
Alan Borg
Alan Macfarlane British anthropologist
Alan Sked British historian politician
Aled Gruffydd Jones British academic
Alfred Fryer British botanist
Alison Bashford Scholar
Andreas Loewe Anglican Dean
Andrew Lambert British historian
Andrew Roberts Actor
Anna Abulafia
Anne Curry British military historian
Anthony Seldon British historian
Arthur William Moore Manx historian
Averil Cameron English academic and scholar
Barbara Yorke English historian
Barrie Dobson Historian
Bernard Granville Baker Military artist
Bill Lubenow Author and historian
Carl Russell Fish United States historian
Catherine Hall British historian
Charles McKean Scottish architectural historian
Charles Ritcheson historian diplomat university administrator
Charles Thomas Film producer
Charles W. J. Withers Scottish linguist and geographer
Charlotte Methuen
Chris Skidmore Politician
Christine King Film producer
Christopher Alan Bayly British historian
Christopher Catherwood British writer
Christopher Elrington British historian
Correlli Barnett British military historian
D. M. Schurman Canadian naval historian
D. R. Thorpe British historian
Daniel A. Baugh Naval historian
Daniel Woolf Principal of Queen's University
David Abulafia Historian
David Baldwin (bowls) New Zealand lawn bowls competitor
David Bebbington American historian
David Cannadine British historian
David Crouch (historian) British historian
David Dilks British historian
David Knowles (footballer) Association footballer
David Marquand British politician
David N. Hempton Irish historian
David Sellar Officer of Arms
David Starkey British constitutional historian

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (0 years)

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