Earle Grey Award Winners

People with Earle Grey Award


Name Title
Al Waxman Canadian actor
Andrea Martin American actor
Andy Jones Actor
Bruno Gerussi Canadian actor
Catherine O'Hara TV Actress
Catherine O'Hara Actress comedian
Cedric Smith Actor
Clark Johnson American film director
Clark Johnson (politician) American politician
Colleen Dewhurst Film stage television and voice actress
Colm Feore Canadian actor
Dave Thomas Actor
Don Ferguson Canadian comedian
Don Harron Canadian actor and comedian
Donnelly Rhodes Canadian actor
Ed McNamara Actor
Ernie Coombs Canadian television actor
Eugene Levy Canadian actor
Gordon Pinsent Canadian actor
Greg Malone
Harold Ramis Comedian actor director screenwriter
Jackie Burroughs Actress
Jan Rubes Czech opera singer and actor
Jayne Eastwood Canadian actor
Jennifer Dale Canadian actor
Joe Flaherty Actor
John Candy Actor
Kate Reid Canadian actor
Kenneth Welsh Canadian actor
Lorne Greene Canadian actor and musician
Luba Goy Canadian comedian
Martin Short Canadian-American actor comic writer
Paul Gross Film Actor Film Producer Film Writer music composer Film Director
Rick Moranis Actor comedian musician
Roger Abbott Comedian
Ron Mann Canadian filmmaker
Sean McCann Actor
Steve Smith Director
Tantoo Cardinal Canadian actor
Tommy Sexton Canadian comedian
Wendy Crewson actress

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