Companion of the Order of Canada Winners 55 years old

People with Companion of the Order of Canada


Name Title
A. Jean de Grandpré
A. Y. Jackson Canadian artist
Adrien Pouliot Canadian mathematician
Adrienne Clarkson Canadian journalist
Aga Khan IV Imam
Agnes Benidickson
Alain Grandbois Canadian writer
Alanis Obomsawin Canadian Aboriginal filmmaker
Albert Millaire Canadian actor
Albert Wesley Johnson Canadian civil servant
Alex Colville Canadian artist
Alfred Pellan Canadian artist
Alfred Rouleau CAnadian businessman
Allan Gotlieb Canadian diplomat
Alphonse Ouimet Canadian civil servant
Alphonse-Marie Parent
Angela Hewitt Canadian classical pianist
Anne Hébert Canadian writer
Anne Murray (gentlewoman) Author wife of Chief Justice William Dummer Powell.
Antonine Maillet Canadian writer and scholar
Antonio Lamer Canadian judge
Armand Frappier
Arnold Spohr Canadian ballet dancer
Arthur Gelber
Arthur Kroeger
Arthur R. M. Lower Canadian historian
Avie Bennett
Balfour Currie
Barney Danson Canadian politician
Ben Heppner Canadian opera singer
Bennett Lewis Canadian nuclear scientist
Bernard Lonergan Canadian philosopher and theologian
Bernard Ostry
Bertram Brockhouse Canadian physicist
Betty Oliphant Canadian ballerina
Beverley McLachlin Canadian judge
Bill Davis politician
Bill Davis (baseball) American baseball player
Bora Laskin Canadian judge
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Egptian politician
Brenda Milner Canada-based British neuroscientist and neuropsychologist
Brian Dickson Canadian judge
Brian Macdonald (choreographer) Canadian ballet dancer
Brock Chisholm Doctor and soldier
Buck Crump
Camille Dagenais
Carol Shields American author
Celia Franca Founder and Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada
Celine Dion Canadian singer and actor
Chantal Petitclerc Canadian paralympic athlete

Companion of the Order of Canada (55 years)

  • Inception: Sunday, January 01, 1967