Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres Winners

People with Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres


Name Title
Adoor Gopalakrishnan Indian film director
Adrien Goetz French writer
Adunis Essayist poet
Aga Khan IV Imam
Agnès Letestu French ballet dancer
Alain Barrière French singer
Alain Bauer
Alain Chamfort French singer
Alain Daniélou French academic
Alain Decaux Writer
Alain Delon Actor
Alain Lombard French conductor
Alain Page Writer
Alain Pasquier French art historian
Alain Peyrefitte French politician
Alain Planès Pianist
Alain Rey French lexicographer
Alain Rocca Film producer
Alain Seban Museum curator
Alain Senderens French chef
Alain Souchon French singer
Alain Terzian French film producer
Alan Stivell French musician
Albert Uderzo French comic book artist
Aldo Ciccolini French musician
Alexandre Astruc French film director
Alexandre Desplat French composer
Alexandre Tharaud Pianist
Alexis Weissenberg Bulgarian musician
Alfred Grosser German academic
Alfred Manessier Abstract Painter
Ali Ahmad Said Poet
Alice Dona French singer
Alicia Alonso Caban ballerina & choreographer
Alicia de Larrocha Spanish pianist
Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow Senegalese politician
Amália Rodrigues Actress
Amalia Rodriguez Instagram Star
Amin Maalouf Lebanese writer
Aminata Sow Fall Senegalese writer
Amjad Ali Khan Indian musician
Anatoly Vasiliev Russian theatre director
András Szőllősy Hungarian composer
André Boucourechliev Composer
André Castelot French historian and writer
André Chamson French writer
André Chastel French art historian
André Chaumeau Actor
André Chouraqui
André Fleury (organist) French musician

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