Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame Winners

People with Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame


Name Title
Achy Obejas American writer
Billie Jean King American former tennis player
Burr Tillstrom American puppeteer
Carol Moseley Braun Senator from Illinois in United States Senate; United States Ambassador to New Zealand; American politician and lawyer;
Carol Ronen American politician
Charles R. Middleton
Claudia Allen Writer
Dawn Clark Netsch American politician
Frank Galati American actor writer and director
Frank M. Robinson American writer
Frankie Knuckles Deejay musician
Fred Eychaner American philanthropist
Gerald Arpino American dancer
Greg Harris (Illinois politician) American politician
Harold Washington American politician
Helen Shiller Chicago alderman
Henry Blake Fuller Novelist short story writer
Henry Gerber homosexual rights activist in the United States
Ifti Nasim Poet
Jan Schakowsky American politician
Jane Addams American activist and pacifist
Jane Heap
Jeannette Howard Foster American writer
John D'Emilio American historian
Jon-Henri Damski
Kathy Osterman
Larry McKeon American politician
Lorraine Hansberry American playwright and journalist
Margaret Caroline Anderson Founder editor and publisher of the art and literary magazine The Little Review
Mike Quigley (politician) American politician
Neil Steinberg American writer
Pearl M. Hart
Phill Wilson American AIDS activist
Richard M. Daley Illinois politician
Roger Brown (artist) American artist
Sara Feigenholtz American politician
Scott McPherson
St. Sukie de la Croix
Studs Terkel American author historian and broadcaster
Thomas Chiola American judge
Tom Tunney American politician
Tony Jackson Actor

Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame (0 years)

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