Aquinas Medal Winners

People with Aquinas Medal


Name Title
A. H. Armstrong British academic
Adriaan Theodoor Peperzak Dutch philosopher
Alasdair MacIntyre British philosopher
Anthony Kenny British philosopher
Bernard Lonergan Canadian philosopher and theologian
Brian Davies Actor
Charles De Koninck Canadian philosopher
Cornelio Fabro Italian philosopher
Ernan McMullin Irish philosopher and physicist
Étienne Gilson French historian and philosopher
Frederick Copleston Jesuit
G. E. M. Anscombe British analytic philosopher
Henry Babcock Veatch American philosopher
Jacques Maritain French philosopher
John F. Wippel American Catholic priest and Thomist scholar
John Finnis Australian legal scholar and philosopher
John Paul II
Jorge J. E. Gracia American philosopher
Josef Pieper German Philosopher
Joseph Owens Religious Leader
Joseph Owens (Redemptorist) Canadian philosopher
Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski American philosopher
Louis Dupré (philosopher) Philosopher
Michael Dummett British academic and philosopher
Mortimer J. Adler Philosopher and author
Nicholas Rescher American philosopher
Peter Geach British philosopher
Ralph McInerny American writer
Rémi Brague French historian
Robert Spaemann German philosopher
Roland J. Teske American theologian
Vernon Bourke American philosopher
Wilfrid Desan Belgian philosopher

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