Straight Outta' Nashville
Straight Outta' Nashville (10 years)


  • Release day: Monday, April 23, 2012

Straight Outta' Nashville 10 years old


Harriet Schock When album released, She was 84, now 95 years old
# Song Play
1 Let My Hair Down by Bruce LarsenHarriet Schock Duration: 02:48
2 Untyin' That Knot by Harriet SchockLarry Center Duration: 03:22
3 To Get You To See My Love by Harriet Schock Duration: 03:25
4 Your One-Piece Pride by Harriet Schock Duration: 03:27
5 I'm Just Runnin' Through You by Harriet SchockHolly Mathis Duration: 03:37
6 She Cried When I Left by Harriet SchockJ D Hinton Duration: 04:01
7 I'm Gone by Harriet SchockJannel Rap Duration: 03:58
8 I Never Got To Know You by Harriet Schock Duration: 03:31
9 She Liked His Smile by Bob NicksicHarriet Schock Duration: 04:35