Ojo 2 years old


Vince Bell When album released, he was 66, now 68 years old
# Song Play
1 A Little Poetry by Vince BellRob Schwimmer Duration: 01:52
2 Bads and the Better by Vince BellPedro CortesRatzo B. HarrisRob Schwimmer Duration: 02:42
3 Where the Wind Sleeps by Vince BellDavid MansfieldRenaud Gabriel Pion Duration: 01:54
4 The Snake by Vince BellPatrick DerivazRobert DickValerie Dee Naranjo Duration: 01:55
5 Oh, Yeah by Vince BellPedro CortesRatzo B. HarrisRenaud Gabriel Pion Duration: 03:16
6 If You Walk Away by Vince BellLaura CantrellRatzo B. HarrisDavid MansfieldDave SoldierSatoshi Takeishi Duration: 04:18
7 I Don't Wanna Hear It by Vince BellLaura CantrellDavid MansfieldValerie Dee NaranjoSatoshi Takeishi Duration: 04:41
8 Gypsy by Vince BellLaura CantrellPedro CortesRatzo B. HarrisValerie Dee NaranjoRob Schwimmer Duration: 03:27
9 Give Chance a Chance by Vince BellRatzo B. HarrisDavid MansfieldRob Schwimmer Duration: 03:12
10 Ojo by Vince BellPedro CortesRobert DickRatzo B. HarrisValerie Dee NaranjoRob SchwimmerDave Soldier Duration: 04:08
11 Nothing at All by Vince BellRobert DickSatoshi Takeishi Duration: 04:19
Ojo (2 years)


  • Release day: Tuesday, March 27, 2018