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Yoko Ono, 88 Artist
Miguel Mancera, 88 Mexican economist
Quincy Jones, 88 Musician conductor producer arranger composer film composer
André Paul, 88 French Theologian
Louis Farrakhan, 88 American activist
Kiyoshi Kobayashi, 88 Japanese actor
Dallin H. Oaks, 88 Apostle of the LDs Church
Henry B. Eyring, 88 American Mormon leader
Donald Rumsfeld, 88 U.S. Secretary of Defense
quino, 88 Argentine cartoonist
Oktay Ekşi, 88 Turkish journalist
Bobby Holmes, 88 Scottish footballer
Norman Bowler, 88 British actor
Francisco Elizalde, 88 Filipino member of the IOC
Robert D. Hales, 88 Mormon leader
Norman Lake, 88 American water polo player
Michael McClure, 88 American writer
Michel Guérard, 88 French chef
Sezai Karakoç, 88 Turkish poet
Ann Fox, 88 American Nun
María Victoria, 88 Mexican actress singer and comedian
Anthony Bailey (author), 88
Robert Young (director), 88 British director
Michael Ron, 88 Fencer
Nimmi, 88 Indian actor
Quentin Blake, 88 British illustrator and cartoonist
Drink Small, 88 African American soul blues guitarist singer and songwriter
Jane Elliott, 88 American activist
V. S. Naipaul, 88 Writer
Don Preston, 88 American musician
Leon Major, 88 Canadian opera and theatre director
Nichelle Nichols, 88 American actress
Joan Bakewell, 88 English journalist television presenter and Labour Party Peer
Thomas Gallen, 88 American politician
Philip Zimbardo, 88 American psychologist
Grace Chang, 88 Hong Kong actor and singer
Percy Johnson, 88 Australian rules footballer
John Paul Caponigro, 88 American photographer
John Anderton, 88 Professional footballer
Mary Schneider, 88 Singer/ Performer
Laurie Cabot, 88 Witchcraft high priestess author
Paul Jeffrey, 88 American musician
Little Sonny, 88 American electric blues harmonica player singer and songwriter
Ray Austin (director), 88 English television and film director stunt person and actor
Don Young, 88 American politician
Gordon Thomas (author), 88 Writer novelist
Willie Nelson, 88 American entertainer and songwriter
Russell Hobby, 88 Australian fencer