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Paulo Cunha, 78 Portuguese basketball player
Mike Boyle, 112 American politician
Désiré Bourgeois, 87 footballer
Guillermo Arellano, 90 Chilean footballer
Kazuo Kobayashi, 113 Japanese diver
Hans Maier, 34 Dutch water polo player
Elsie Green, 101 British athlete
Edgar Christian, 18 Canadian Diarist
Bruno Lips, 112 Swiss canoeist
Pedro Ferrer, 113 Cuban footballer
Laxman Singh, 81 Indian cricketer
Gabriel Ruiz, 90 Argentine footballer
Francis Harris, 23 English Physician
Miguel Ortega, 113 Modern pentathlete
Carlos Rodrigues, 112 Footballer
Alioune Sarr, 112 Senegalese historian
S. R. Kanthi, 112 Indian politician
A. P. T. James, 54 Trinidad and Tobago politician
Dorothy Gee, 101 Instagram Star
James Stewart, 89 American actor and military veteran
Mel Blanc, 81 Voice actor comedian
Lyndon B. Johnson, 64 President of the United States
James Stewart (Movie Actor), 112 Movie Actor
Thurgood Marshall, 84 American judge
Bette Davis, 81 American actress of film television and theater
William Hartnell, 67 Character actor
Donald Bradman, 92 Cricketer
Oskar Schindler, 66 German industrialist
Ian Fleming, 56 English author and journalist
Buddy Ebsen, 95 American actor and performer
Milton Berle, 93 Comedian actor
Ethel Merman, 76 Actress singer
Carole Lombard, 33 American actress
Nelson Rockefeller, 70 American politician
Peg Entwistle, 24 Stage Actress
Eve Arden, 82 Actress
Rex Harrison, 82 British actor
Senator Joseph McCarthy, 48 Politician
Paul Brown, 82 American football coach and executive
Enver Hoxha, 76 Albanian politician and general
Bunny Berigan, 33 American musician
Fred MacMurray, 83 American actor
Mae Questel, 89 Actress
Imogene Coca, 92 American comic actress
Harold Holt, 59 Australian politician
Don Ameche, 85 Actor
Tex Avery, 72 American actor
Bobby Dodd, 79 American football player and coach basketball coach college athletics administrator