Women: Stories of Passion 24 years old

Women: Stories of Passion

Women: Stories of Passion is a dramatic series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas. The episodes were based on stories of love, and passion from a woman's point of view.


Kira Reed Lorsch
Kira Reed Lorsch

Marlene (as Kira Reed)

Peter Jason
Peter Jason

Joan's Husband


Name Character
Sally Kirkland She was 54 , now 79 years old as Annie
Jennifer Edwards She was 39 , now 63 years old as Joan
Kira Reed Lorsch She was 24 , now 49 years old as Marlene (as Kira Reed)
Colleen McDermott as Laura
Elisa M Rothstein as The Interviewer
Athena Worthy as Madam Sala (as Athena Worthey)
Morgan Englund He was 33 , now 57 years old as Alien Hunk
Xander Berkeley He was 40 , now 65 years old as Jimbo
Jamison Jones He was 31 , now 56 years old
Laurence Haddon He was 74 , 91 years old when he died as Elderly Man
Richard Steinmetz He was 37 , now 62 years old as Nicky
Holley Chant as Anna
Patricia Place She was 71 , 83 years old when she died as Old Eileen
Michael Jay as Fantasy Man
Talia Botone as Debbie
Deborah Offner She was 45 , now 69 years old as Caroline
Alec McClure He was 104 , 80 years old when he died as Various
Rick Negron He was 35 , now 59 years old as Various
Luc Leestemaker He was 39 , 55 years old when he died as Karl
Peter Gregory as Pete
Gabriella Hall She was 29 , now 54 years old as Young Eileen
Colleen McDermott as Greta
Lisa Welti as Julia
John Furey He was 45 , now 69 years old as John
Eve Sigall She was 57 , now 82 years old as Elderly Woman
Leslie Zemeckis She was 27 , now 52 years old as Emily
Siena Goines She was 27 , now 51 years old as Maya
Amy Lindsay She was 29 , now 54 years old as Jenny Clemens
Kimberly Rowe as Josie
Marklen Kennedy He was 28 , now 53 years old as Sean
Peter Jason He was 52 , now 76 years old as Joan's Husband
Scott B. Smith He was 31 , now 55 years old as Stan
George Milan as Old Bert
Francesca P. Roberts She was 42 , now 67 years old as Clara
Michael Otis
Peter Gregory as Mike
Michael Jay as Ariel
Bonita Brisker as Nazinga (assistant director)
Beth Broderick She was 37 , now 62 years old as Ellie


Name Job title
Emily Ervolina Writing Writer
Mary Woronov Directing She was 52 , now 77 years old Director
Mary Woronov Writing She was 52 , now 77 years old Writer
Julie Dash Writing She was 43 , now 68 years old Writer
Valerie Landsburg Directing She was 38 , now 62 years old Director
Valerie Landsburg Writing She was 38 , now 62 years old Writer
Julie Nash Directing Director
Michèle Ohayon Directing She was 28 , now 53 years old Director
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Women: Stories of Passion (24 years)


  • First Air Date: 1996-08-31
  • Runtime: [30] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 39