Włodzimierz Zonn

Włodzimierz Zonn, Polish astronomer, 69 years old.

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Włodzimierz Zonn
Włodzimierz Zonn was a Polish astronomer. He was born on July 14, 1905 (died on February 28, 1975, he was 114 years old) in Vilnius. Wlodzimierz Zonn was a Polish astronomer. He studied at the University of Stefan Batory at Wilno where he later worked as a professor. From 1950 Zonn was director of Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw. For many years he was the director of Polish Astronomical Society .

When is Włodzimierz Zonn's next birthday?

Włodzimierz Zonn was born on the , which was a Friday

When Włodzimierz Zonn died, he was 69 years old.

Włodzimierz Zonn zodiac sign was cancer.
No, Włodzimierz Zonn died on 02/28/1975.

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Member of Polish Astronomical Society
Sex or gender Male
Country of citizenship Poland
Date of death 1975-02-28T00:00:00Z
Place of death Warsaw
NLP ID (unique) A10335742
Employer University Of Warsaw
Place of birth Vilnius
Given name Włodzimierz
Languages spoken, written or signed Polish
Name in native language Włodzimierz Zonn

Włodzimierz Zonn (69 years)
Włodzimierz Zonn

Polish astronomer

  • Birth place: Vilnius
  • Birth Sign: Cancer
Friday, July 14, 1905

Days left until next birthday: 174 days (as of January 22)

Birth sign: Cancer

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