William M. Mann

William M. Mann, American entomologist, 74 years old.

William M. Mann

William M. Mann was an American entomologist. William M. Mann was born on January 01, 1886 (died on January 01, 1960, William M. Mann was 133 years old) . William M Mann was a notable entomologist and the fifth director of the National Zoo in Washington D.C. from 1925-1956. In 1921 he travelled on the Mulford Expedition to the Amazon. In 1926 he married Lucile Quarry Mann. The two worked together as a team to improve and promote the zoo including going on expeditions around the world to collect live specimens for the zoo's collection.

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William M. Mann was born on the , which was a Friday

When William M. Mann died, William M. Mann was 74 years old.

William M. Mann zodiac sign was capricorn.
No, William M. Mann died on 01/01/1960.

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William M. Mann (74 years)
William M. Mann

  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
Friday, January 01, 1886

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Birth sign: Capricorn

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