William Lyman Underwood

William Lyman Underwood, American photographer and food scientist, 65 years old.

Microbiologist Photographer
William Lyman Underwood
William Lyman Underwood was an American photographer and food scientist. He was born on January 01, 1864 (died on January 24, 1929, he was 156 years old) . William Lyman Underwood was an American photographer who was also involved in the research of time-temperature canning research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during 1895-96.

When is William Lyman Underwood's next birthday?

William Lyman Underwood was born on the , which was a Friday

When William Lyman Underwood died, he was 65 years old.

William Lyman Underwood zodiac sign was capricorn.
No, William Lyman Underwood died on 01/24/1929.

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

KnownFor Canning
Nationality United States
Field of work Dipterology
Given name William
Family name Underwood. Show people with the surname Underwood
Employer Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Sex or gender Male
Date of death 1929-01-24T00:00:00Z
Country of citizenship United States Of America
Europeana Entity id Agent/base/5045

William Lyman Underwood (65 years)
William Lyman Underwood

American photographer and food scientist

  • Birth place: Boston
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
Friday, January 01, 1864

Days left until next birthday: 345 days (as of January 22)

Birth sign: Capricorn

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