Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira
Birth Place:
Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
January , 1980
≈ 40 years old
Birth Sign:

Hamza Namira is a singer from Egypt. He was born on January 01, 1980 (40 years old) in Saudi Arabia.


Hamza Namira is an Egyptian singer songwriter and music producer. He was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia until the age of 12 when his parents returned to Egypt. read more

What is Hamza's zodiac sign?

Hamza Namira zodiac sign is capricorn.


When his last album Remix Season 1 released, he was 39 years old. This album 'Remix Season 1' contains 12 tracks

His first album The Best Of Islamic Music, Vol. 5 released 11 years ago, he was 29 years old. There were 19 songs in this album.

Top Hamza Namira Songs

  1. Dari Ya Alby (Album Dari Ya Alby, released 2 years ago)
  2. العيطة (Album العيطة (feat. Habib Belk), released 1 year ago)
  3. Insan (Album Insan, released 9 years ago)
  4. دار يا دار (Album دار يا دار (feat. Eftekasat), released 1 year ago)
  5. Ya Rabb (Album The Best of Islamic Music Vol. 2, released 7 years ago)
  6. قمر الغربة (Album قمر الغربة (feat. Artmasta), released 1 year ago)
  7. يامّه مويل الهوى (Album يامّه مويل الهوى (feat. Frankly Jazz), released 1 year ago)
  8. يا ديرتي (Album يا ديرتي, released 6 months ago)
  9. كفوكم (Album كفوكم (Kevokim), released 5 months ago)
  10. Bos Bos (Album Hateer Min Tany, released 2 years ago)

Hamza Namira Albums

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