Fanny Emily Atkins-Bowyer

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November 8, 1833
Death Date:
June 4, 1877 (age 43)
Birth Sign:

She was born on November 08, 1833 (died on June 04, 1877, she was 43 years old) .

Her Parents

Emily Harford
Emily Harford
William Henry Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer
William Henry Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer

Her mother is Emily Harford and her father is William Henry Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer. Her mother died at the age of (Fanny was 6 years old). () and William Henry Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer was 26 years old when Fanny born.


She had seven children, Francis , William (152) , Ernest (35) , Violet (88) , Douglas (10) , Bertha (14) and Ruth (147) .

Is Fanny Emily Atkins-Bowyer still alive?

No, she died on 06/04/1877, 143 years ago. She was 43 years old when she died.

What was Fanny's zodiac sign?

Fanny Emily Atkins-Bowyer zodiac sign was scorpio.

When is Fanny Emily Atkins-Bowyer's next birthday?

Fanny Emily Atkins-Bowyer was born on the , which was a Friday