Ebru Gündeş Folk Singer

Ebru Gündeş is a Turkish actor and singer. She was born on October 12, 1974 (45 years old) in Istanbul.


Ebru Gündeş is a Turkish pop-folk singer actress and television personality. read more

What is Ebru's zodiac sign?

Ebru Gündeş zodiac sign is libra.


When her last album Âşık released, she was 44 years old. This album 'Âşık' contains 12 tracks

Her first album Tanrı Misafiri released 27 years ago, she was 18 years old. There were 15 songs in this album.

Top Ebru Gündeş Songs

  1. Yaparım Bilirsin (Album 13,5, released 8 years ago)
  2. Cennet (Album Âşık, released 1 year ago)
  3. Âşık (Album Âşık, released 1 year ago)
  4. Çabuk Unutma (Album Âşık, released 1 year ago)
  5. Seni Seviyorum (Album Ahdım Olsun, released 18 years ago)
  6. Demir Attım (Album Tanrı Misafiri, released 27 years ago)
  7. Çağırın Gelsin (Album Âşık, released 1 year ago)
  8. Sen Allah'ın Bir Lütfusun (Album Sen Allahın Bir Lûtfusun, released 22 years ago)
  9. Söyleyin (Album Bize De Bu Yakışır, released 15 years ago)
  10. Araftayım (Album Araftayım, released 5 years ago)

Ebru Gündeş Albums

When is Gündeş's next birthday?

Ebru Gündeş was born on the , which was a Saturday. She will be turning 46 in only 20 days from today (22 September, 2020).

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