Caio Castro soap opera actor

Caio Castro, Brazilian actor, 31 years old.

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Caio Castro
Caio Castro is a Brazilian actor. He was born on January 22, 1989 (31 years old) in Fortaleza as Caio de Castro Castanheira. Caio de Castro Castanheira is a Brazilian actor.

When is Caio Castro's next birthday?

Caio Castro was born on the , which was a Sunday. He will be turning 32 in only 360 days from today (28 January, 2020).

Caio Castro is 31 years old.

Caio Castro zodiac sign is aquarius.
Eye color of Caio Castro: brown

Movies (4)

All movie credits

Year Title
2014 The Great Victory (A Grande Vitória) as Max Trombini . He was 25 years old
2017 Se a Vida Começasse Agora . He was 28 years old
2017 Travessia as Júlio . He was 28 years old
2014 Confissões de Adolescente as Ele mesmo . He was 24 years old

TV Shows (7)

Year Title
2017 Novo Mundo as Dom Pedro. he was 28 years old
2010 Ti Ti Ti as Edgar Sampaio. he was 21 years old
2015 I love Paraisópolis as Gregório Evangelista Mourão (Grego). he was 26 years old
2013 Amor à Vida as Michel Gusmão. he was 24 years old
1995 Malhação as Bruno Oliveira. he was 6 years old
2019 A Dona do Pedaço as Rodrigo Ferreira (Rock). he was 30 years old
2019 Malhação 2008 as Bruno Oliveira Guimarães. he was 30 years old

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Birth name Caio de Castro Castanheira
Nationality Brazil
Twitter username @CaioCastanheira. Caio Castro official Twitter page
Work period (start) 2008-01-01T00:00:00Z
Occupation Model
Instagram username @caiocastro. Caio Castro official Instagram page
Place of birth Fortaleza
Eye color Brown
Country of citizenship Brazil
Sex or gender Male
Family name Castro. Show people with the surname Castro
Given name Caio

Caio Castro (31 years)
Caio Castro

Brazilian actor

  • Birth place: Praia Grande, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Birth Sign: Aquarius
First Feature Film (2014)
Confissões de Adolescente
Confissões de Adolescente

He was 24 years old

His first show Ti Ti Ti. he was 21 years old.

Sunday, January 22, 1989

Days left until next birthday: 360 days (as of January 28)

Profession: Soap Opera Actor

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Birth sign: Aquarius

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Born on January 22

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31 Year Old

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