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Bull Chief, 85 Crow Tribe Leader
Carne Muerto, 189 Comanche War Chief
Huáscar, 43
Leonard George, 60 Canadian psychologist
Geronimo, 79 19th century military and spiritual leader of the Chiricahua Apache
Chief Joseph, 64 Nez Percé Chieftain
David Miscavige, 60 Leader of the Church of Scientology
Chief Dan George, 82 Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Wilma Mankiller, 64 Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Chief Yowlachie, 74 Native American actor from Yakima tribe in Washington state known for playing supporting roles and bit parts in numerous films
Chief Ignacio, 85 Chief of the Southern Utes
Q81305512, 100
Tomás Katari, 36 Aymara chief
Hendrick Theyanoguin, 64 Mohawk leader
Cochise, 69 Apache tribe chief
Massasoit, 81 Native American connected with Plymouth Colony
Chief Seattle, 80 Duwamish chief
King Payne, 12
Gudrød The Hunter
Alexander McGillivray, 42
Pushmataha, 60 Native Indian chief
Abd Al-Haqq I, 69
Fundikira III, 86
Mushulatubbee, 66
Viola Jimulla, 88 Chief of Yavapai-Prescott Tribe
Chief Blackfish, 50
Logan Fontenelle, 30
Spotted Elk, 64 Native American leader
Guyasuta, 69 Seneca Chief diplomat
Inacayal, 53 Leader of the Tehuelche
Joseph Brant, 64 Mowhawk leader
Tacumwah, 70 Chieftess of the Miami tribe
Plenty Coups, 84 Crow Nation Chief
Quduqa Beki, 150
Theresa Spence, 58 Chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation
Stand Watie, 64 Confederate States of America Army general and Cherokee Nation
Tenskwatawa, 61 political leader of the Shawnee tribe
Chief Taza, 34
Hongi Hika, 56 New Zealand Maori chief
Attakullakulla, 69 Cherokee chief
White Bull, 98 Lakota chief
Hollow Horn Bear, 62 19th century Lakota chief and policeman
Aatsista-Mahkan, 78 Chief of Siksika First Nation
Netawatwees, 90
Waubonsie, 88 Potawatomi leader
Sayri Túpac, 26
Greenwood LeFlore, 65 American politician
Lone Horn, 65 Miniconjou Lakota chief