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Neil Patrick Harris, 46 Actor
Tom Hanks, 63 Actor
Seth MacFarlane, 46 Television producer
Stephen Fry, 62 British comedian
Eugenio Derbez, 58 Mexican actor director
Gad Elmaleh, 49 French actor and comedian
Jamel Debbouze, 44 French actor
Tom Cruise, 57 American actor
Ben Stiller, 54 Actor Comedian Director Writer
John Cleese, 80 English comedian
Yoko Ono, 87 Artist
Michael Moore, 58 American film director author and social commentator
Rainn Wilson, 54 Actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 72 Austrian-American bodybuilder actor politician
Danny DeVito, 75 American actor and director
Jared Leto, 48 American actor and musician
Farah Khan, 55 Indian film director
Shane Dawson, 31 American Internet personality
Ben Affleck, 47 American Actor
Bob Saget, 64 American television presenter
Sylvester Stallone, 73 Film actor director screenwriter and television presenter
Elizabeth Banks, 46 American actress
Gael García Bernal, 41 Mexican actor and director
Edward Norton, 50 American actor
Judd Apatow, 52 American film director writer producer actor
Marlon Wayans, 47 Actor
Dianna Agron, 34 Actress singer
Mahesh Bhatt, 71 Indian film director
Zach Braff, 45 American Actor director screenwriter producer
Avan Jogia, 28 Canadian actor
Ray William Johnson, 38 American Internet personality
Paco León, 45 Spanish actor
Banksy, 50 English graffiti artist political activist and painter whose identity is unconfirmed
Albert Brooks, 72 Actor voice actor writer comedian and director
John Krasinski, 40 American actor
Casey Neistat, 39 Film director
Rashida Jones, 44 Actress model musician
Matthew Perry, 50 Actor
Lisa Ann, 48 Pornographic actress erotic dancer businesswoman
Jackie Chan, 66 Hong Kongese martial artist
Lázaro Ramos, 41 Brazilian actor
Dax Shepard, 45 Actor
Geert Wilders, 56 Dutch politician
Gavin Free, 32 YouTube Star
Goldie Hawn, 74 American actress
Robert Rodriguez, 51 American film director and producer
Joe Mantegna, 72 Actor
Robert Carlyle, 59 Scottish actor
Jorge Enrique Abello, 52 Telenovela actor
Colin Hanks, 42 American actor