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Ivan Urgant, 42 Russian television presenter
Guy Fieri, 52 Television personality and restaurant owner
Casey Neistat, 39 Film director
Raymond Blanc, 71 French chef
Rick Stein, 73 English chef
Valerie Bertinelli, 60 actress
John Silver, 70 British drummer
Paul Hollywood, 54 English baker and chef
Ed Mitchell, 67 British Journalist And Television Presenter
Tim Mälzer, 49 German chef
Mauro Colagreco, 44 Argentine chef
Sandrone Dazieri, 56 popular Italian crime writer
Bobby Flay, 55 American chef
Julia Vysotskaya, 47 Russian actor
Bill Granger, 51 Australian chef
Claus Meyer, 56 Danish chef
Gabriel Byrne, 70 Irish actor
Alfons Schuhbeck, 71 German chef writer restaurateur TV cook and businessman
David Adjey, 56 Canadian television chef
Rob Rainford, 54 Canadian chef and host of Licence to Grill
Mario Batali, 60 Chef
Kate Lamont, 58 Cook and author
Karlos Arguiñano, 72 Spanish chef
Christian Rach, 63 German chef
Colonel Sanders, 90 United States entrepreneur and businessman
Julia Child, 91 Chef author television personality
Nadiya Hussain, 35 Chef
Katie Lee, 39 Chef
Delia Smith, 79 English cook and television presenter
Flynn McGarry, 22 Chef
Gary Mehigan, 53 Chef
Typhoid Mary, 69 Asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever
Doris Miller, 24 First African American to be awarded the Navy Cross
Akis Petretzikis, 36 Chef
Hilah Johnson, 41 YouTube Star
Haile Thomas, 19 Blogger
Rose Gray, 71 British chef
Vivian Howard, 42 Chef
Tony Michael, 61 Entrepreneur
Fannie Farmer, 57 American chef
Shannon Bennett, 45 Australian chef
René Redzepi, 42 Actor
Ilka Bessin, 49 German actor
Kasmir, 35 World Music Singer
Alison Roman, 35 Blogger
Bo Bech, 48 Chef
Per Morberg, 60 Actor
Donato De Santis, 56 Chef