The Outhouse The Film 1985-1997 2 years old

In the mid-1980s outside this college town, home of the Kansas Jayhawks, punk rock history was being made in the middle of a cornfield. Where the pavement turned to gravel, in a small, primitive cinder block building, bands like Fugazi, the Melvins, Rollins Band, Gwar, the Circle Jerks, Body Count, Social Distortion, Bad Brains, White Zombie, Descendents, Sonic Youth, Green Day, Fishbone, the Meat Puppets, Helmet, and Nirvana played to all-ages crowds, a raucous scene of misfits and anarchists on the margins of youth culture. This was The Outhouse. Small, dark and sometimes dangerous, it quickly gained a reputation as a haven for the bands other venues were afraid of, and the kids who loved them.


All Cast

Name Character
Henry Rollins He was 56, now 59 years old
Ice-T He was 59, now 62 years old
Lee Ving He was 67, now 70 years old
Ian MacKaye He was 55, now 58 years old
Blag Dahlia He was 51, now 54 years old
Buzz Osborne He was 53, now 56 years old
Angelo Moore He was 51, now 54 years old
Paul 'H.R.' Hudson
Keith Morris He was 62, 64 years old when he died


Name Department
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The Outhouse The Film 1985-1997 (2 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • Runtime: 130 minutes