Summer Rental 35 years old

Life is a beach.

Summer Rental

Jack Chester, an overworked air traffic controller, takes his family on vacation to the beach. Things immediately start to go wrong for the Chesters, and steadily get worse. Jack ends up in a feud with a local yachtsman, and has to race him to regain his pride and family's respect.


Rip Torn
Rip Torn

Richard Scully

Richard Crenna
Richard Crenna

Al Pellet

John Candy
John Candy

Jack Chester

Joey Lawrence
Joey Lawrence

Bobby Chester

Reni Santoni
Reni Santoni


Kerri Green
Kerri Green

Jennifer Chester

All Cast

Name Character
Dick Anthony Williams He was 51, 77 years old when he died as Dan Gardner
John Candy He was 34, 43 years old when he died as Jack Chester
Rip Torn He was 54, 88 years old when he died as Richard Scully
Richard Herd He was 52, now 87 years old as Angus MacLachlan
John Larroquette He was 37, now 72 years old as Don Moore
Reni Santoni He was 46, now 81 years old as Announcer
Richard Crenna He was 58, 76 years old when he died as Al Pellet
Karen Austin She was 34, now 69 years old as Sandy Chester
Joey Lawrence He was 9, now 44 years old as Bobby Chester
Kerri Green She was 18, now 53 years old as Jennifer Chester
Francis X. McCarthy He was 43, now 78 years old as Hal
Carmine Caridi He was 51, 85 years old when he died as Ed Sanders
Lois Hamilton She was 32, 47 years old when she died as Vicki Sanders


Name Department
Ric Waite as Director of Photography. He was 52 (78) years old when He died Camera
Bud Molin as Editor. He was 60 (81) years old when He died Editing
Carl Reiner as Director. He was 63 (now 98) years old Directing
Bernie Brillstein as Executive Producer. He was 54 (77) years old when He died Production
Summer Rental poster
Summer Rental (35 years)

Life is a beach.

  • Release day: Friday, August 09, 1985
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Revenue: USD 24,689,703.00