Shark Attack 2 19 years old

The killer is back

Shark Attack 2

A biological experiment goes bad, this time releasing a gaggle of mutated great white sharks with a taste for human flesh. Soon enough, shark expert Nick West is on the case, leading a crew to study them and eventually bring them back into captivity. West's plans hit a snag, however, when Australian shark hunter Roy Bishop is called in to wipe out the fishy menace.


Danny Keogh
Danny Keogh

Michael Francisco

Thorsten Kaye
Thorsten Kaye

Dr. Nick Harris

Dan Metcalfe
Dan Metcalfe

Roy Bishop

Warrick Grier
Warrick Grier


Nikita Ager
Nikita Ager

Samantha Peterson

All Cast

Name Character
Warrick Grier as Morton
Nikita Ager She was 31, now 50 years old as Samantha Peterson
Danny Keogh He was 52, 71 years old when he died as Michael Francisco
Thorsten Kaye He was 34, now 54 years old as Dr. Nick Harris
Dan Metcalfe as Roy Bishop
Morné Visser He was 29, now 49 years old as Mark Miller
Rob van Vuuren as Daryl Waker


Name Department
Danny Lerner as Producer. he was 49 (63) years old when he died Production
Yossi Wein as Director of Photography. he was 1 (15) years old when he died Camera
Marlow De Mardt as Producer. Production
Brigid Olen as Producer. Production
Shark Attack 2 poster
Shark Attack 2 (19 years)

The killer is back

  • Release day: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
  • Runtime: 98 minutes