City of Joy 27 years old

He was a man who couldn't care less... until he met a man who couldn't care more.

City of Joy

Max Lowe is a Houston surgeon who has grown weary of the bureaucracy of American medicine. When he loses a patient on the operating table, Max impulsively decides to leave America and travel to India in the hope of finding himself. Not long after he arrives in Calcutta, Max is attacked by a group of thugs and left without money or a passport.


Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze

Max Lowe

Pauline Collins
Pauline Collins

Joan Bethel

Shabana Azmi
Shabana Azmi

Kamla H. Pal

Om Puri
Om Puri

Hazari Pal

Nabil Shaban
Nabil Shaban


All Cast

Name Character
Patrick Swayze He was 39, 57 years old when he died as Max Lowe
Art Malik He was 39, now 67 years old as Ashok Ghatak
Om Puri He was 41, 66 years old when he died as Hazari Pal
Ayesha Dharker She was 14, now 41 years old as Amrita H. Pal
Pauline Collins She was 51, now 79 years old as Joan Bethel
Shabana Azmi She was 41, now 69 years old as Kamla H. Pal
Nabil Shaban He was 39, now 66 years old as Anouar
Shyamal Sengupta as Gangooly - Con man


Name Department
Mark Medoff as Screenplay. Mark Medoff was 52 (79) years old when Mark Medoff died Writing
David Appleby as Still Photographer. Camera
Roland Joffé as Director. Roland Joffé was 46 (now 74) years old Directing
Dominique Lapierre as Writer. Dominique Lapierre was 60 (now 88) years old Writing
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City of Joy (27 years)

He was a man who couldn't care less... until he met a man who couldn't care more.

  • Release day: Wednesday, April 15, 1992
  • Runtime: 132 minutes
  • Budget: USD 27,000,000.00
  • Revenue: USD 14,683,921.00