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Trixie Hyde, 13 TV Actress
Rosie Fortescue, 30 Reality Star
Tawhid Afridi, 23 YouTube Star
Jim Ross, 68 professional wrestling commentator professional wrestling referee and restaurateur
Florence Pugh, 24 Movie Actress
PrettyLovesPink, 25 YouTube Star
Nash Overstreet, 34 Guitarist
Cassidy Shaffer, 24 TV Actress
Emiru, 22 Twitch Star
Alex D. Linz, 31 American actor
Ryan Casey, 41 YouTube Star
Alessio Stigliano, 29 YouTube Star
Marco Gallo, 19 Reality Star
Breanna Deliseo, 26 TikTok Star
Nicholas Gonzalez, 44 American actor
Scott Gaunson, 28 YouTube Star
Drey Smygov, 25 YouTube Star
Dan Harmon, 47 American television writer
RashadTheReactor, 27 YouTube Star
Shauna Davitt, 18 TikTok Star
Jason Marsden, 45 Screen and voice actor director and producer
Dominic Wood, 42 English magician
Broderick Hunter, 29 Model
Kim Seolhyun, 25 Pop Singer
Emily Oberg, 26 Fashion Designer
Pepe Problemas, 33 YouTube Star
Ryan Ong Paolo, 27 Reality Star
Doug McDermott, 28 American basketball player
George Martin, 84 Record producer arranger composer
Ellis Ann Jackson, 19 TV Actress
Xycron, 24 YouTube Star
Gabe the Dog, 6 Dog
Kevin Ware, 27 American basketball player
Evan The Card Guy, 21 TikTok Star
Bobby Hull, 81 Canadian ice hockey player
Qendrim Gashi, 29 YouTube Star
Ali Jee, 20 World Music Singer
New Jack, 57 Professional wrestler
Koit Toome, 41 Estonia singer
Brianni Walker, 13 TV Actress
Goo Hara, 28 Pop Singer
Tuure Boelius, 19 YouTube Star
Rytmus, 43 Rapper
Julianna Gamiz, 8 Movie Actress
Tereza Kacerova, 27 Model
Nicole Beharie, 35 American actress
Victoria Principal, 70 Actress
James Carter, 51 Saxophonist