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Indiana Massara, 18 Pop Singer
Lil Yachty, 23 Rapper
Kobe Bryant, 41 Professional basketball player
Stacy Hinojosa, 37 YouTube Star
Grant Knoche, 18 Pop Singer
Sahar Luna, 21 Instagram Star
River Phoenix, 23 American actor musician and activist
Kyle Abercrombie, 18 Instagram Star
Seth Curry, 30 American basketball player
Nina Gray, 46 Family Member
Trixie Mattel, 31 Reality Star
Chrissy Costanza, 25 Pop Singer
Jeremy Lin, 32 Professional basketball player
Nicole Luellen, 20 YouTube Star
Alex Terranova, 27 Instagram Star
Lincoln Hoellein, 5 YouTube Star
Samantha Chapman, 43 YouTube Star
Jennelle Eliana, 22 YouTube Star
KK, 52 World Music Singer
Andrew Rannells, 42 Actor
Josh Morris, 34 Australian rugby league player
Scott Caan, 44 American actor
Stormie Lynch, 53 Instagram Star
Francesca Reale, 26 TV Actress
Gene Kelly, 83 dancer actor singer director producer and choreographer
Lil Lonnie, 22 Rapper
Julian Casablancas, 42 Singer
Remy Boy Monty, 30 Rapper
Pio Luigi Piscicelli, 21 TV Actor
Giorgos Manolopoulos, 23 YouTube Star
Rick Springfield, 71 Australian musician and actor
Skyler Gordy, 34 Rapper
Justin Briner, 29 Voice Actor
TYT Sirius, 23 YouTube Star
Alejo Igoa, 24 YouTube Star
Rik Smits, 54 Former professional basketball player with the Indiana Pacers.
Barbara Eden, 89 Actress
Jelena Rozga, 43 Croatian pop singer
Keith Moon, 32 Musician songwriter composer record producer actor
Mara Teigen, 26 Model
Ozzy Lusth, 39 Reality Star
Madison Sarah Knowles, 23 YouTube Star
Quinn Benet, 18 YouTube Star
Durianrider, 43 YouTube Star
Cutie Juliet, 15 YouTube Star
Ashley Williams, 36 Actress
Tate Lovett, 20 Entrepreneur
Andra, 34 Pop Singer