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Malcolm Young, 64 Australian musician
David Muir, 39 Journalist
Jonah Lomu, 40 New Zealand Rugby union player.
Chester A. Arthur, 57 American president lawyer Union Army general
Cab Calloway, 86 American singer and bandleader
Niels Bohr, 77 Danish physicist
Gia Carangi, 26 American supermodel
James Coburn, 74 Actor
Chris Watson, 74 Australian politician
Adam Weishaupt, 82 Philosopher
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., 81 Businessman political figure and father of John F. Kennedy
Sharon Jones, 60 Gospel Singer
Man Ray, 86 American artist and photographer
Earle Hyman, 91 Actor
Greg Eagles, 39 American actor
Denton Cooley, 96 American heart surgeon
Nejat Uygur, 86 Comedian
Henry Wallace, 77 Politician
Dennis Chavez, 74 American politician
Marcel Proust, 51 French Novelist essayist
Mary Loretta Kennedy, 80 Family Member
Michael Kamen, 55 American musician
Naim Süleymanoğlu, 50 Weightlifter
Lennie Tristano, 59 American jazz pianist and composer
Mal Whitfield, 91 Athletics (sport) competitor
Ben Riley, 84 American musician
Cy Coleman, 75 American musician
Carlotta Monterey, 81 American actor
Donald Meek, 68 British actor
Leo Ryan, 53 American politician of the Democratic Party
Norodom Buppha Devi, 76 Cambodian princess
Johnny Haymer, 69 American actor
Émile Nelligan, 61 Canadian poet
Freddie Waits, 49 Drummer
Emma Carus, 48 German-born American singer
Walther Nernst, 77 German scientist
Clarence D. Clark, 79 American politician
Walt Hazzard, 69 Basketball player
William Allingham, 65 Poet
Freddie Fitzsimmons, 78 American baseball player and coach
Gustáv Husák, 78 9th President of Czechoslovakia Prime Minister of Slovakia
Junior Parker, 39 American Memphis blues singer and musician
Paul Bowles, 88 Composer writer translator
David Langdon, 97 Cartoonist
Nicholas Baker, 77 Conceptual Artist
Ivan Albright, 86 Painter and artist
Aleijadinho, 76 Colonial Brazil-born sculptor and architect
William McCarthy, 87 Rock Singer