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William Levy, 38 Actor
Richard Nixon, 81 American politician 37th President of the United States (1969–1974)
Erin Moran, 56 Actress
Pat Tillman, 27 American football player and soldier
Ansel Adams, 82 American photographer
Miguel de Cervantes, 68 Spanish novelist poet and playwright
Billy McNeill, 79 Scottish footballer and manager
Will Geer, 76 American politician
Alida Valli, 84 Actress
Jane Froman, 72 American singer and actress
Erma Bombeck, 69 American writer humorist and syndicated columnist
Richie Havens, 72 American folk singer and guitarist
Tom Conway, 62 British actor
Wiam Dahmani, 34 Movie Actress
Yane Sandanski, 42 Bulgarian revolutionary
Richard Trevithick, 62 English inventor engineer and steam locomotive builder
Käthe Kollwitz, 77 German artist
Henry Royce, 70 British businessman
Matt Campbell, 47 Chef
Prosper Montagné, 82 French chef
Andrea King, 84 Stage film and television actress
Gustavo Rojo, 93 Actor
Édouard Lalo, 69 French composer
Eduardo Paolozzi, 81 Sculptor
Philip Morrison, 89 American astrophysicist
Moin Akhter, 60 Pakistani actor and director
Charles Melvin Price, 83 American politician
Mircea Eliade, 79 Writer
Albert Salmi, 62 Actor
Amparo Iturbi, 71 Spanish classical pianist
Marilyn Cooper, 74 American actor
Jason Dunham, 22 United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient
Nicolás Bravo, 67 President of Mexico
Robert Himler, 24 YouTube Star
Tchicaya U Tamsi, 56 Poet
Norman Bird, 84 Actor
Don Pullen, 53 American musician
James Pierre, 203 Politician
Jane Kenyon, 47 American poet
Sami Hadawi, 100 Palestinian historian
Harlan F. Stone, 73 United States federal judge
William Henry O'Connell, 84 Religious Leader
Ivor Brown, 82 Journalist
Marvin Worth, 72 Film producer screenwriter actor
Mike Larrabee, 69 American sprinter
Leonid Shamkovich, 81 Chess player
Charles Winter, 77 Politician
Cecil Dennis, 49 Liberian politician