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Declan Donnelly, 45 British television personality presenter and actor
Ross Noble, 44 English comedian
Abhisit Vejjajiva, 56 Thai politician
Donna Air, 41 Actress television presenter
Aimee Kelly, 27 British actor
Mark Angel, 45 English footballer
Daniel Maier, 52 Performer on stage tv and radio
Michael Chopra, 37 Footballer
Catherine McKinnell, 44 British politician
Andy Ogle, 31 Mixed martial artist
Holly Matthews, 36 British actor
Jimmy Nail, 66 English guitarist singer-songwriter actor screenwriter
Lee Novak, 32 Footballer
Ben Pringle, 31 Footballer
Christian Short, 41 Big and slow but has a massive bench press
Alan Shearer, 50 Footballer
Charlie Hunnam, 40 English actor
David Leon, 41 English actor
Josh Walker, 31 Footballer
Ryan Donaldson, 29 Footballer
David Pawson, 91 British Minister
Dean Tidey, 50 British musician
Peter Coles, 58 British physicist
Kevin Smart, 62 English footballer
Colin Anderson, 58 Footballer
Martin Reagan, 92 Footballer ;football manager
Mark Sheeran, 38 English footballer
Mary Bell, 63 Criminal
Neil Marshall, 50 British film director and writer
Miles Jupp, 41 British actor
Dave Walder, 42 English rugby union player
Suzanne May, 50 British actor
Sheila Faith, 86 British politician
Neale McDermott, 35 Football (soccer) player
Su Elliot, 70 British actor
Ashleigh Whitfield, 40 British continuity announcer
Paul Noble, 58 British artist
Dean Walker, 58 English footballer
John Howarth, 75 English county cricketer; fast-medium bowler for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Fred Speed, 112 English footballer
Hank Marvin, 79 English musician
Damon Gray, 32 English footballer
Billy Lynn, 67 English footballer
Will Welch, 30 English rugby union player
Harry Vaulkhard, 35 British racing driver
Jimmy Husband, 73 English footballer
Ramanpreet Singh, 27 English cricketer
Callum Morris, 30 Irish footballer