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Guy Fieri, 52 Television personality and restaurant owner
Nick Swisher, 39 American baseball player
Forrest Griffin, 41 American mixed martial artist
Josh Radnor, 46 American actor
Alex Grey, 66 American artist
Madison Rayne, 34 Professional wrestler
Ted Allen, 55 American writer and television personality
R. L. Stine, 76 Writer
Jared Sullinger, 28 American basketball player
Trey Burke, 27 American basketball player
Lance Moore, 37 American football player
Dominique Reighard, 36 Model
Jay DeMarcus, 49 American guitarist
Marco Arment, 38 Technology writer and magazine editor
Chris Moss, 40 American basketball player
Bob McCown, 68 Canadian sports talk show host
Mike Matheny, 50 American baseball player
Clare Rojas, 44 American artist
Pat McCrory, 63 American mayor
Scott Seiver, 35 American poker player
Sarah Fisher, 39 American racing driver
Jake Stoneburner, 31 American football player
Andrea Bowen, 30 Actress
June Henley, 45 American football player
Jerry Page, 59 Boxer
Alexa Bliss, 29 American sports announcer professional wrestler model actress
Printz Board, 42 American musician
Brian Thacker, 75 United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Asia Taylor, 29 American basketball player
Meredith Kessler, 42 Triathlete
Gary Trent, 46 American basketball player
Jeff Cumberland, 33 Player of American football
Mekka Don, 39 American rapper
Chip Ingram, 66 American radio personality and writer
Jacob Lacey, 33 Player of American football
Pat Tiberi, 57 American politician
Brennan Carroll, 41 American football player and coach
Duke Simpson, 93 Baseball player
Cedric Brown, 66 American football player
Brian Grant, 48 American basketball player
Matt Hudson, 54 American politician
Illogic, 40 American rapper
Ty Howard, 46 American football player
Simone Biles, 23 American gymnast
Philip Michael Thomas, 71 American actor
Helen Darling, 42 American basketball player
Bow Wow (rapper), 33 American actor and rapper
Buster Douglas, 60 American heavyweight boxer