Grand Collar of the Order of Liberty

People with Grand Collar of the Order of Liberty


Name Title
Juan Manuel Santos President of Colombia
Sam Nujoma President of Namibia
Felipe VI of Spain King
Jorge Carlos Fonseca President of the Republic of Cape Verde
Juan Carlos I King Of Spain (1975-2014)
Jorge Sampaio President of Portugal
Aníbal Cavaco Silva President of Portugal
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Former President of Brazil
Fernando Henrique Cardoso President of Brazil
François Mitterrand French politician
Joaquim Chissano Mozambican politician
Miguel Trovoada President and Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe
Sergio Mattarella
Václav Havel (canoeist) Canoe racer
Mário Soares President of Portugal
Zhelyu Zhelev President of Bulgaria
Patricio Aylwin President of Chile
Michelle Bachelet Chilean politician
Kofi Annan United Nations Secretary-General
Lech Wałęsa President of Poland

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