Crystal Award

People with Crystal Award


Name Title
Jennifer Lopez Entertainer
Nicole Kidman Australian actress
Kay Koplovitz American business woman
Sally Field Actress
Goldie Hawn American actress
Jodie Foster American actor film director and producer
Gale Anne Hurd American film producer and screenwriter
Alfre Woodard Actress
Elizabeth Taylor Actress
Jennifer Aniston American actress
Maya Angelou Poet dancer producer playwright director author
Meg Ryan American actress
Brie Larson Actress and musician
Glenn Close American actress
Mary Tyler Moore American actress television producer
Anjelica Huston Actress
Sharon Stone American actress producer and model
Viola Davis American actress
Whoopi Goldberg Actress comedienne author singer
Sandra Bullock Actress philanthropist
Carol Burnett Actress comedienne singer dancer writer
Renée Zellweger Actress
Gwyneth Paltrow Actress
Diahann Carroll Actress
Lee Grant Actress
Diane Lane Actress
Halle Berry American actress
Jennifer Lynn Model
Gesine Bullock-Prado Award-winning pastry chef author attorney and former film executive.
Amy Pascal Film studio executive
Julie Andrews Actress singer author
Jane Fonda Actress writer
Sharon S TikTok Star
Norma Zarky American lawyer
Drew Barrymore Actress
Cicely Tyson Actress
Bette Davis American actress of film television and theater
Verna Fields film editor and entertainment industry executive
Suzanne de Passe Film producer
Buffy Shutt Film producer
Lillian Gallo American television producer
Lianne Halfon Film producer
Marcia Nasatir Film producer
Fay Kanin Screenwriter producer
Nancy Malone American actress
Donna Langley Film producer
Ethel Winant Film producer
Kathleen Nolan American actor
Jaime Rucker King Film producer
Dawn Steel American film producer
Nina Jacobson Film producer
Debra Hill American film producer
Juliet Taylor Film producer
Lee Remick actress
Nora Ephron Film director author screenwriter
Paula Weinstein Film producer
Amy Heckerling American television writer
Polly Platt American film producer production designer and screenwriter
Lina Wertmüller Director
Brianne Murphy Cinematographer
Kathleen Kennedy Film producer
Loretta Young Actress
Lillian Gish Actress
Dede Allen Film editor
Jessica Tandy Actress
Fay Wray Actress
Bette Midler Singer actress
Joan Plowright Actress
Elizabeth Banks American actress
Meryl Streep American actress
Michelle Pfeiffer Actress
Laura Linney American actress
Audrey Hepburn actress
Cate Blanchett Actress
Angela Bassett American actor
Lynda Obst American feature film producer and author
Jay Presson Allen Screenwriter Producer Playwright
Dorothy Jeakins American costume designer
Marcy Carsey Television producer
Hannah Weinstein American politician
Lucy Fisher American film producer
Laura Ziskin American film and television producer
Pauline Kael American film critic
Lucille Ball American Actress
Paula Wagner American film producer
Penny Marshall Film actress director producer
Denise Di Novi American producer
Diane English American television writer and producer
Diane Keaton Actress
Diane Warren American songwriter
Ruby Dee Actress activist
Ruth Gordon Actress
Sherry Lansing American actor and film studio executive
Shirley MacLaine Academy Award-winning American film and theatre actress
Lauren Shuler Donner American film producer
Margaret Booth film editor
Marion Dougherty
Martha Coolidge Filmmaker television director
Jane Rosenthal American film producer

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