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Rubén Fuentes, 94 Mexican musician
Tim Valentine, 94 American politician
Gerardo Flores, 94 American murderer
Dick Van Dyke, 94 Actor comedian television producer and writer
Cloris Leachman, 94 Actress
Mahathir Mohamad, 94 Prime Minister of Malaysia
Bob Richards, 94 Athletics (sport) competitor pole vaulter
François Morel, 94 Canadian classical music composer and educator
Roger Corman, 94 American film director producer and actor
Umberto Veronesi, 94 Italian politician
Angela Lansbury, 94 Actress singer television producer writer
M. S. Swaminathan, 94 Indian scientist
Irene Papas, 94 Actress
Luis Toro, 94 Cyclist
Wolfgang Lange, 94 German canoeist
Jacques Delors, 94 French politician
Carlos Balá, 94 Argentine actor
Tony Street, 94 Australian politician
Marv Levy, 94 American football player coach and executive; Canadian football coach
Elizabeth II, 94 Queen regnant of the Commonwealth realms
Art Laboe, 94 American DJ
Shirley Wilson, 94 American football coach
Ferenc Varga, 94 Canoe racer
William T. Doyle, 94 American politician
James Bama, 94 American artist
Abdoulaye Wade, 94 3rd President of Senegal
Mario Sebastián, 94 Olympic water polo player
Glen Michael, 94
Jacob Jensen, 94 Danish industrial designer
Pablo P. Garcia, 94 Filipino politician
Zygmunt Bauman, 94 Polish philosopher
Joe Lancaster, 94 English footballer
John A. Williams, 94 American writer
Blanca Rodríguez, 94 First Lady of Venezuela
Specs Howard, 94
Michel Perrault, 94 Canadian musician
Rosie Harris, 94 British writer
Jack Michael, 94 American psychologist
Jim Champion, 94 Player of American and Canadian football
Robert Clary, 94 Holocaust survivor and actor
Phil Phillips, 94 American musician
Giorgio Napolitano, 94 President of Italy
Jean Raspail, 94 French writer
Dorothy Goodman, 94
Rafael Avalos, 94 Footballer
Matt Baldwin, 94 Canadian curler
John E. Thomas, 94 Canadian philosopher
Marco Cé, 94 Catholic cardinal
René Cabrera, 94 Footballer
Allan Rich, 94 American actor