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Nabil Elaraby, 85 Egyptian politician and judge
Carl Icahn, 85 American businessman
Joey Jay, 85 American baseball player
A. Samad Said, 85 Malaysian writer
Anthony Page, 85 British film director
Christopher Jackson, 85 British politician
Irma Capece Minutolo, 85
Akihiro Miwa, 85 Japanese drag queen
Mama Lola, 85
Jerry Moss, 85 American music executive
Yvon Deschamps, 85 Canadian comedian
Jim Brown, 85 American football player
Sylvia Earle, 85 American oceanographer
Michael Parkinson, 85 Television and radio personality
Susan Cooper, 85 Children's fantasy writer
Alan Alda, 85 Actor and United States Army officer
William Friedkin, 85 Film director
Greg Stevens, 85 Canadian politician
Cecil McBee, 85 American musician
Kenneth Money, 85 Canadian astronaut
Anthony Verga, 85 American politician
David Harvey, 85 Anthropologist
Raymond Speaker, 85 Canadian politician
Dick Richards, 85 American film director
Don Norman, 85
Anand (writer), 85 Indian writer
John Leo, 85 American journalist
Erich von Däniken, 85 Swiss author and ufologist
Monty Roberts, 85 Horse trainer
Guy Gilbert, 85
Michael A. Jackson, 85 British computer scientist
Gabriel Moran, 85 Former Christian Brother theologian and religious educator
Peter Brown (actor), 85 American actor
Jonathan Howe, 85 United States admiral
Ahmed Abdou, 85 Prime Minister of Comoros
Ronald Todd, 85 Scottish professional footballer
Ron Paul, 85 U.S. libertarian physician politician obstetrician
Ron Popeil, 85 American businessman
Ralph Terry, 85 American professional baseball player pitcher professional golfer
Jon Arnett, 85 American football player
Pranab Mukherjee, 85 President of India
Dieter Hallervorden, 85 German actor
Hussein Fahmy, 85 Egyptian actor
Patrick Thompson, 85 British politician
John Hunting, 85 Football referee
Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, 85 Prime Minister of Bahrain
Mudcat Grant, 85 American baseball player
Adélia Prado, 85 Brazilian writer