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Dolly Parton, 75 Singer-songwriter actress musician businesswoman
Andre Singer, 75 British film producer
Shekhar Kapur, 75 Indian film director
Jorge Blanco, 75 Artist
Franz Beckenbauer, 75 German football player and manager
Gal Costa, 75 Solo singer-songwriter musician writer
Diane Sawyer, 75 American journalist
Mia Farrow, 75 Actress singer
Goldie Hawn, 75 American actress
Chris Matthews, 75 American journalist
Alain Juppé, 75 French politician
Prabhu Chawla, 75 Indian journalist
Henry Winkler, 75 American actor director and writer
Massimo Boldi, 75 Italian actor
Moncef Marzouki, 75 Tunisian politician human rights activist interim president
Diane Keaton, 75 Actress
Larry Gagosian, 75 Armenian-American art dealer
Edir Macedo, 75 Brazilian pastor
Michel Denisot, 75 Television journalist
Sérgio Echigo, 75 Brazilian footballer
Mahinda Rajapaksa, 75 Sri Lankan politician
David McWilliams, 75 Irish writer and broadcaster
Billie Davis, 75 British singer
Neal Boortz, 75 Syndicated Talk radio host Author & Inactive Attorney
N. Ram, 75 Indian newspaper editor
Zülfü Livaneli, 75 Author
Arturo Rivera, 75 Mexican artist
Guadalupe Loaeza, 75 Mexican writer and journalist
John Lithgow, 75 Actor
Malcolm Andrew, 75 Author/teacher/scholar
Laura Lee, 75 American singer
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 75 Former President of Brazil
Alejandro Solalinde, 75 Mexican champion of human rights of Central American migrants
John Primer, 75 American Chicago blues singer and guitarist
Nilda Garré, 75 Argentine lawyer and cabinet official
Don Alley, 75 American football player
David Chase, 75 Screenwriter Director Producer
Kim S. Cameron, 75 American Academic
Faryal, 75 actress actor
Kabir Bedi, 75 Actor
Bernard Goldberg, 75 American journalist
Francisco Sá, 75 Argentine footballer and manager
Paul Page, 75 American sportscaster
Buddy Hall, 75 American pool player
Don Irving, 75 American musician
Clover Moore, 75 Australian politician
Claudio Lippi, 75 Italian singer and actor
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, 75 French politician