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Ryan Seacrest, 45 Television and radio host; television producer, 45 American rapper
Russell Brand, 45 English comedian and actor
Enrique Iglesias, 45 Singer songwriter recording artist
Anderson Silva, 45 Brazilian martial artist
Eva Longoria, 45 American actress
Jamel Debbouze, 45 French actor
Omar Chaparro, 45 Mexican actor
Declan Donnelly, 45 British television personality presenter and actor
Shilpa Shetty, 45 Indian film actress
Andrea Serna, 45 Colombian broadcaster
Alex Wright, 45 German professional wrestler
Sebastián Rulli, 45 Argentine actor
Berto Romero, 45 Spanish comedian
Rey Mysterio, 45 Mexican American Professional wrestler
Alessandro Del Piero, 45 Italian footballer
Florencia Peña, 45 Argentine actor
Ameesha Patel, 45 Film actress
Zach Braff, 45 American Actor director screenwriter producer
Kimora Lee Simmons, 45 Model actress designer CEO author
Jadakiss, 45 American rapper
Atilla Taş, 45 Singer
Heather Armstrong, 45 American blogger
Michelle Beadle, 45 Sports reporter
Tim Minchin, 45 Australian musician comedian and actor
Ziynet Sali, 45 Cypriot singer
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 45 American actor
Juan Pablo Montoya, 45 Colombian racing driver
Lina Zahr Eddine, 45 Lebanese journalist
Robbie Fowler, 45 Footballer
Jacques Kallis, 45 Cricketer
Redfoo, 45 American musician
Carina Zampini, 45 Argentine actor
Chip Gaines, 45 Design and Construction
Dax Shepard, 45 Actor
Ta-Nehisi Coates, 45 American author and editor
Shaunie O'Neal, 45 American television producer
Ryan Adams, 45 American singer
Juninho Pernambucano, 45 Brazilian footballer
Katie Hopkins, 45 Reality Star
Alex Rodriguez, 45 Professional baseball player
Yoani Sánchez, 45 Philologist blogger
Diego Spotorno, 45 Actor and TV host
Gabriel Soto, 45 Mexican actor
Ben Shephard, 45 British television personality
Hanung Bramantyo, 45 Film director
Tito Ortiz, 45 Martial artist
Bárbara Bermudo, 45 TV Show Host